Buzzlet Delivery

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Buzzlet Delivery is a quest started and finished in the Buzzlet Lab at Donar Island. It can be started by speaking to Joseph.


After the quest is started, you must head to Thunderous Cave, Woodlow Forest or Woodlow Harbor and capture two Buzzlets that have a potential value of 14 or higher. Using a Potent Scent to increase chances of finding potent Coromons and the Potential Reader to check the values is very helpful on this quest. Once you have captured both Buzzlets, return to the Buzzlet Lab and give them to Joseph to complete the quest.

  • ⚠️The Buzzlets are removed from the player's squad forever, be mindful of this.
  • Another helpful tip is that you can increase the potential values with the Potentiflator in Donar Island's Trainer Hub top floor for GoldIcon.png2500.


  • Active: "Joseph needs 2 more Buzzlet with a Potential of 14 or higher."
  • Completed: "I delivered all Buzzlet to Joseph."


  • Prior to version 1.0.19, this quests required 4 Buzzlets of 15 potential value or higher.