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Note: Some pages contain outdated information.

Battle Mechanics

  • Condition: Status ailments that can be inflicted onto Coromon during battle from certain skills or items that damage or incapacitate a Coromon's ability to fight.
  • Damage: Damage is the amount of HP that is lost by a Coromon when getting hit by a skill.
  • Evolution: Evolution is the process that Coromon undergo, in which they permanently change their physical form to a higher stage, increasing their stats.
  • Level: Level determines the experience progression of a Coromon. Each level increase the stats of a Coromon, as well as unlocks new skills after a threshold.
  • Potential: Potential determines the color of a Coromon's appearance as well as the frequency and total number of Potential Levels they can awaken.
    • Potential Values: Table of stats gain range and experience needed from Potential.
  • Priority: Priority is the sequential order of skills in a battle. The higher the priority, the earlier a skill will be performed disregarding Speed difference.
  • Rarity: Rarity is a stat of a Coromon that affects their total amount of experience required to reach the next level.
  • Stats: Stats are numerical values pertaining to a Coromon. It affects a Coromon's performance in battle.
    • Critical Hit: Critical Hit is a damage modifier that multiplies a Skill's damage.
    • Hit Probability: Hit Probability refers to the chances of a skill successfully landing on a Coromon.
  • Type Effectiveness: Type Effectiveness is the strength and weakness interaction between each Coromon and Skill type.
  • Type Proficiency: Type Proficiency is a damage boost applied to Skills used by a Coromon of the same type.
  • Weather: Weather are battlefield conditions that have a variety of effects on Coromons in battle.

World Mechanics

  • Digging: Digging is a system that enables the player to dig up hidden gems and useful items.
  • Growing Pots: Growing Pots are devices where fruits can be cultivated and harvested.
  • Milestones: Milestone is a system that rewards players with Promotion Bonuses for completing goals.
  • Module: Module is a function installed on a Gauntlet allowing its user to perform various actions in the game world.
  • Potentiflator: Potentiflator is a device used to increase a Coromon's Potential.
  • Resetination: Resetination is a process by which you can reset and redistribute the stats gained from awakening Potential in your Coromon.
  • Skill Flash: Skill Flashes are usable items that teach a Coromon a Skill when used.
  • Traitformator: Traitformator is a device used to change the Trait of a Coromon.

General Mechanics

  • Controls: Basic and advanced game controls.
  • Difficulty: Difficulty is a setting that can change various things to make the game easier or harder.
  • Emotes: Emotes are reaction animations used to convey emotion in picture form used in the overworld as well as during battle.
  • Music: Collection of 52 tracks that plays in the various areas of the game.
  • PVP: Online competitive or casual battles against other players via CoroNet.