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on Lux Solis Campus

The Trainer Hub is a building that allows the player to heal their Coromon at no cost. There is a Trainer Hub in each town in Velua, however, Hayville's lacks the futuristic technology others possess but it still provides the same function as any other and doubles as the town's shop.

Hayville's Hub


Ground floor

The Trainer Hub has a plus symbol on the top of the building. To the left of the front door is a teleporter and on the right a sign which reads "Lux Solis: brightening the world one ray at a time." Inside, the ground floor layout is similar for both Trainer Hubs: a hall with a personal Coromon Storage, the healing station manned by a nurse, and an escalator leading to the upper floor. The upper floor of the Lux Solis Campus Trainer Hub has an Arm Strength Training facility whereas Donar Island's one has the Traitformator and Potentiflator.

Panel Text

Above the front door of the Lux Solis Campus, a black panel displays blue scrolling text. This panel is inactive on Donar Island. The panel displays the following text in random order:

  • The weather today is sunny. Bring out your bathing suit!
  • Feeling worn out? Come in and enjoy our free healthcare!
  • Shine bright!
  • Good luck to all new trainers!
  • The current time is (current time in hh:mm:ss).

Music Theme

This theme plays when the player is inside a trainer hub. (For Mobile Users, click here)



Area Item Location
Trainer Hub FRUIT CURE CONDITION POISON.pngFik Fruit x1 Chest on right side
FRUIT RECOVER HEALTH RISK CONDITION.pngCanul Fruit x1 Shelves in top-left corner
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH 2.pngHP Cake (M) x1 Stove
FRUIT RECOVER HEALTH.pngJuba Fruit x1 Back-left corner of desk
Donar Island Trainer Hub F1 GoldIcon.pngGold x500 Chest
HOLD INCREASE TRAIT ENHANCEMENT STAGE.pngEnhancer Gem x1 right-hand side of the cabinet located between the Potentiflator and the Traitformator