Buzzlet Lab

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Lab Donar.png

The Buzzlet Lab is a building in the center of Donar Island where research on Buzzlet and Potential is done.


The lab is said to be founded by Nikola and Thomas. There is a habitat inside where several Buzzlet are kept. The buzzlet Lightning Strike an electric generator, which provides the island with electricity. When the player first arrives, Nikola mistakes them for one of the Aliens at first before asking them to find Thomas in Thunderous Cave. After the player rescues Thomas, who gets abducted, they come back to fight a Dark Magic Lumon that's wrecking havoc.



Item Location
CAKE CURE CONDITION SHOCK.pngGround Cake x1 Water tub in top-left corner of the Buzzlet area.
FRUIT CURE CONDITION HAZY.pngJel Fruit x1 Water barrel in the middle of the Buzzlet area.
SKILL FLASH.pngSkill Flash 26 x1 On a small rock right before the entrance to the secret cavern (requires SURFBOARD.pngLuxBoard).
SKILL FLASH.pngSkill Flash 71 x1 Right water barrel in the secret cavern (requires SURFBOARD.pngLuxBoard).
POTENTIAL READER PREMIUM.pngBattle Reader x1 In a chest behind the left fusebox in the secret cavern (requires SURFBOARD.pngLuxBoard).