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This page lists the patch notes for the game Coromon by TRAGsoft. These patch notes are released by the developers Marcel van der Made and Jochem Pouwels mainly on the Coromon official Discord; sometimes the Steam app update history page, and Play Store.

Click the icons to view the respective complete patch notes.


Steam Logo.png Sep 1st, 2022

Hey all, a small patch, version 1.0.23 was just released on Steam:

  • Minigame achievement now also unlocks if you hit exactly the required score, instead of only above the required score.
  • The restricted lab can now be entered without wearing a labcoat after completing the story.
  • Traitformator shows available Traits before handing in the Coromon.
  • Perk trainings can now also be done after completing the game.
  • Lowered volume of some high-pitched SFX.
  • Trainer Coromon now also cry out when they faint.
  • You can now brew multiple of the same Scent at once in the Soggy Swamp.
  • Added the Swurmy outfit to the game, so we'll start handing those out soon!


Steam Logo.png Aug 15th, 2022

We're bringing you all some long awaited achievements as well as some quality of life changes! 🥳 We've got lots planned on the horizon and can't wait to be able to share it with you all.

New Content

  • You’ll find a new NPC with sexy dance moves in the Lux Solis Campus Trainer Hub BF1
  • You’ll also find a new NPC in the Vlamma Heights, which will invite you to try one of his challenges
  • Added Leaderboards and rewards for CoroNet Ranked. Rewards will be handed out based on the Tier in which you end each season, plus an extra reward for the top 3.
  • Achievements added: List here

Game Updates

  • You can now change the Traits of your Online Squad members at any time
  • Added a Hold indicator for buttons like 'move item' when selecting a Coromon in the Squad Menu. Holding this button for example takes the item from the Coromon
  • You can now see the exact percentages of stat changes by tapping on the stat change indicators while in a battle. You can view the stat change indicators by tapping on the Coromon’s name tag.
  • When selecting skills for your Coromon, you can now also see available Skill Flashes at the bottom of the skill list
  • The Potential Reader is now passive, it will always show the Potential of caught Coromon
  • The Potent Scent now lures twice as many Coromon
  • When catching a new Coromon and after viewing it’s summary, you are now asked whether you want to keep the Coromon
  • More Skill Flashes have been hidden throughout Velua
  • Lunarwulf now has a secret mechanic which enables it to evolve before its regular evolution level, when both wolves use Howl in the same round
  • XP Chips now last 10 minutes (down from 60), but increase XP gain by 50% (up from 15)
  • Improved CoroNet rewards you earn after 5 Ranked matches
  • The map overview showing all Coromon in each area now indicates if you’ve captured a Coromon
  • Added 3 new settings to speed up battles: Disable Weather animations, Disable encounter animations, Faster battle text
  • Disabled the “Disable Screenshot” setting by default since the glitches seem to be solved

Game Fixes

  • Fixed Discord overlay and Discord streaming to cause random crashes
  • Fixed lag/stuttering in OBS ‘Game Capture’ mode
  • Fixed the Heated Horns Skill changing the sprite offset of the target Coromon
  • Fixed a crash which would happen when releasing your last Coromon from a sorted storage
  • Fixed swamp mushrooms not showing the correct stage when walking away and then back once the Shroom was outside of the screen


Steam Logo.png May 2nd, 2022

This update contains a lot of battle fixes and a first step in our goal to reduce the amount of RNG from skills and conditions. We will continue this process in upcoming patches. In online battles the next Ranked season is now opened, leaderboards of previous seasons will be added in a future update.

  • MacOS savedata location has changed

In the process of fixing the MacOS Steam build not being able to connect to CoroNet the save location on MacOS needed to be changed.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed a number of typos in multiple languages
  • The Purrgy no longer lingers right before Illuginn
  • Fixed a number of milestones unlocking in online battles
  • Fixed a softlock when Vørst would freeze a Coromon holding a Crany Fruit
  • Fixed the gem buyer not taking all gems at once
  • The Scan Module blink now always appears on the highest layer
  • Players can no longer walk through the Trainer Hub tiles in Alavi
  • Agility Training now raises 1 stage as intended
  • Withdraw now raises 1 stage as intended
  • Players can no longer interact with trainers while in a minecart
  • Skills that require a charge now correctly re-target if the opponent switches out
  • Zen Cure now cures a percentage of 15 instead of a flat rate of 15
  • Ghastly Nap now targets the enemy team instead of a single target
  • Fixed floor switches in the Pyramid of Sart when the player got hit while a wall was moving
  • Bren can no longer eat cakes
  • When Bren is Potentiflated to a higher Potential category and evolves, the correct database entry is unlocked
  • LuxLure no longer cancels background music
  • Changed the “Always Run” setting to “Always Sprint” to prevent confusion
  • Fixed Thorbjorn from walking into the player when giving him carrots from the tile north-east of the snowman


  • Added (skippable) credits after game completion, and made them available in the settings menu once the game is completed
  • The game now saves after editing an online Squad
  • XP earned is now shown in a single overview instead of for each Coromon individually
  • Added additional hotkeys:
Key Action
1-3 Use bound Item
4 Use bound Trait
Numpad 1-6 Select specific Gauntlet Module
Numpad +/- Next or previous Gauntlet Module
  • The available Coromon overview in the world map now shows 2 rows of Coromon
  • Precision Punch has a 50% chance to raise crit chance instead of 100%.
  • OHKO skills no longer benefit from type proficiency bonus.
  • We disabled the ‘Any’ preference for Casual Custom battles in CoroNet for now, until this works as intended in our backend
  • Cat Scratch is now a Ghost type skill
  • Dark Magic type now has its own type icon
  • Vørst now removes buffs from the player’s Coromon once he regains his fighting spirit, and prevents the first hit on him from doing more than 10% damage.
  • Chalchiu now has a seconds phase where she removes her stat nerfs and status inflictions
  • A sound is now played when an opponent is found on CoroNet
  • Less Coromon can learn the Dirty Snow Skill Flash
  • Transcending skill now resets after any move, instead of just after skills
  • Fruits which increase Skill damage now do 1.5x damage instead of 2x
  • Prepared Trait now shows an indicator when it triggers
  • Wet Coat Trait now shows an indicator when it triggers
  • Some Traits now trigger when entering the battle instead of the start of a round.
  • Ball of Darkness now has 25% chance of increasing Sp.Attack instead of 50%
  • Heatwave now also prevents and removes freeze condition
  • Sandstorm now raises Accuracy and Crit chance (instead of Accuracy and Evasion) for sand Coromon, and no longer lowers stats for non-sand Coromon
  • Snow weather no longer randomly freezes in online battles
  • Sleep now has a 40% chance to last 1 round, 40% chance to last 2 rounds, and 20% to last 3 rounds
  • Freeze lasts 2 rounds, instead of at most 5
  • Hazy lasts 4 rounds, instead of 3 - 5
  • Splash Spinner can now be bought in Alavi
  • Platinum Spinners can be bought after reaching Ixqun
  • Dream / Trick / Heal Spinners can be bought after reaching Darudic
  • Stinky Disc and Fear Disc can be bought from shops after reaching Pawbury
  • Smart Gem can be bought from shops after reaching Vlamma
  • Lazy Gem can be bought from shops after reaching Alavi


Steam Logo.png April 15th, 2022

This update contains some significant PvP improvements and lots of QoL updates, besides the usual bug fixes.


  • When your match rules use the “set to level 50” rule, all Coromon in online battles will have the maximum number of Potential points possible. Whether you have a level 1 Standard Toruga, or a level 99 Perfect Swurmy, in online battles they will have the same amount of Potential Points. You can distribute these points in the online menu. If you don’t manually distribute them, the remaining points will be distributed randomly. This will make the competitive scene more accessible for new players, since you no longer have to grind for the perfect team. Of course using your Perfect Coromon in battles will still be the ultimate showoff!
  • To make PvP even more accessible, players can now use a Loan Squad in the online menu. This Loan Squad consists of a set of randomly generated Coromon and held items, which you can regenerate whenever you want, to try out new things! We’ll be tweaking and improving this feature in later updates.
  • Skill Flashes now have infinite uses. If you already used one before the update, you will find it again in your inventory.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed people being unable to edit their squads in the online menu
  • When your Coromon is scaled up to 50 in an online battle, any empty skill slots are filled with the next skills the Coromon would unlock
  • The Forfeit button in online matches now has an extra conformation step
  • Thunder Salvo attack now functions as it should
  • Crumble attack now functions as it should
  • Kitty Claws attack now functions as it should
  • Cat Scratch attack now functions as it should
  • Peck attack now only steals Fruit
  • Whoosh attack now has a power range from 40 to 130, up from 1 to 130
  • Bolt Bomb no longer drains more than 60SP
  • Afterburner Trait now functions as it should
  • Impatient Trait now functions as it should
  • Motivated Trait now functions as it should
  • Soul Eater Trait now functions as it should
  • Caffeinated and Fearless trait no longer cause Invalid battle states in online matches
  • Stampede attack now functions as it should
  • Premonition now still finds a target even after the attacker or target is switched out
  • Iceberg Sweep, one of Vørst’s attacks, is buffed
  • Trapped status is removed once the trapper leaves the battlefield
  • Berserk attack now changes target if a new opponent is send out
  • Phantom Spike no longer triggers Cado Fruit multiple times
  • Cado Fruit now only works when the holder is at full HP
  • Tama Fruit now only triggers on damaging moves
  • Players can no longer get stuck in the barracks
  • All Gems in Hayville are now reachable
  • Fixed a glitch which could happen when feeding Purrgy Nibbles
  • Revised Mescher Realm maps to remove some dead ends, effectively shortening some of the maps.
  • Kerrin no longer steals an additional Spinner from you


  • We removed the “You can’t use Recall Items” rule from Insane difficulty.
  • We also removed the “You can’t run away from wild Coromon” from the Hard difficulty. Note that this rule is still present for Insane difficulty, and that you can always customize your difficulty to enable these rules.
  • Cham Fruit is now available from the Fruit dealer in Darudic
  • The Drill Shovel is slightly faster
  • The Potential Reader is slightly faster
  • A lot of UI transitions are snappier
  • A lot of battle animations are snappier
  • We oiled the rusty old gears in the pyramid making the moving walls a bit faster
  • Decreased time of rain animation
  • Melissa wanders around a bit less, so she no longer blocks Shrooms
  • Clio in the Vermeer Grotto can no longer trap players
  • The Buzzlet Delivery quest now only requires you to find two Buzzlet of Potential 14 or higher
  • Nibblegar’s Perfect overworld sprite now has the same color as the battle sprite
  • Slightly buffed Mudma’s basestats
  • Fixed a number of typo’s and missing placeholders
  • Spencer in the pyramid speaks all supported languages again
  • Titan Essences are now removed from your inventory after the epilogue
  • Lena no longer leads a double life, now you can only find one of her
  • Alavi rebuilt their shop, which is now constructed in the local wood style
  • Skarbone can now also be found in Dawn Valley and in Darudic grass patches
  • Increased Squidly’s evolution level to 37, so players can benefit from finding its hidden early-evolve mechanic
  • Cakes (S) are slightly cheaper
  • Skill Flashes can be used on fainted Coromon
  • The player automatically equips their lab coat in the buzzlet lab, and changes back in their original outfit when leaving
  • The “Not very effective” texts now a have a red color


Steam Logo.png April 5th, 2022


  • Potentiflator now again guarantees an increase of 1 Potential, while lower potentials retain their increased chances to go up to 21 (From Full Release update)
  • Flappy Swurmy reverted to Swurmy Rush in story mission requirement.
  • Flappy Swurmy now available to play on player's home PC and added to upcoming side-quest
  • PVP: When Coromon are reverted to level 50 for matches, their Potential points are no longer reverted with the level. So if you’ve unlocked all the potential points on level 99, you will keep them all


  • Fixed a crash that could happen when receiving your Gauntlet at the reception.
  • Fixed a crash when Kerrin transferred a Coromon to or from a Platinum Spinner.
  • Fixed an issue with Soul Swap in online battles. This skill should no longer invalidate the battle.


  • Loose Cannon skill now applies burn to the target instead of the user.
  • Alavi is now available as a Recall location once you leave Jarl’s house.
  • We also made sure that players that reached this point can also Teleport back into Alavi, if they left.
  • Vlamma is now available as a Recall location at first arrival. The cutscene that triggered a bit after arriving prevented this.
  • Bren can no longer be handed in to Roman at the Traitformator.
  • Armado refound his energy and is no longer constantly resting in battles.
  • Fixed some walls in Alavi’s houses which players could walk through.
  • Fixed some walls in Frozen Peak which players could walk through.
  • Updated Frozen Cave 5 so that all chests are reachable.
  • Randomizer mode is unlocked again after defeating Voltgar and returning to the lab afterwards. It is also unlocked for players that already passed this point.
  • Fixed minecarts from driving through the end-of-track blockers on rare occasions.
  • Replaced a ledge in Mount Muspel floor 3 with a minecart to prevent a softlock
  • We’ve ensured that playersnow have the Sun Band in their inventory after defeating Light Sensei.
  • The Pep Talk Trait is now usable on other Coromon when the user has overcharged SP.
  • Coromon that were EvoBlocked by the EvoBlocker item which we removed, can now evolve again.
  • We’ve made sure that Gauntlet Coupons can be handed in at the reception again.
  • Dark Magic Ucaclaw and Dark Magic Centilla should no longer appear as starters in the “Replace with stage 1 Coromon” randomiser setting.
  • The starters are now randomized the first time, instead of having to reload the area.
  • After getting totally destroyed by lots of players, the titans after Voltgar had their base stats increased.
  • Randomizer mode no longer gives duplicate Traits to Coromon.
  • Intelligent Trait only works for wild Coromon.

Small updates

  • Platinum Spinners are now listed with the regular, Silver and Gold spinner.
  • Rana in the Wostin Desert no longer reappears once she dug up her gems.
  • Slightly lowered the chances for Potental 17 to appear, and increased the chances for Potential 18 and 19.
  • We removed the swamp area from the Mescher Realm.
  • Slightly increased the base stats for the DarkMagic Coromon and Kyraptor, and slightly lowered base stats for Ucaclaw.
  • Potent Scents no longer end when you’ve caught a Perfect Coromon.
  • The Alavi shopkeeper no longer asks for a Potent Bloby, since he accepted a Standard anyway.


Steam Logo.png April 2nd, 2022

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when players would somehow not have the Essence Locator.
  • Enabled “Disable Screenshots” by default, which caused crashes for some players. You could re-enable this setting to re-enable the preview images on your saveslots.
  • Fixed crash when you would lose one of your Coromon in the fight against Light Sensei.
  • Added a message for when Oleg does not increase the potential. Oleg also gives a partial refund if this happens.
  • Fixed a crash when all Skills of a Coromon were disabled.
  • Fixed Spiked Body Trait hurting the user instead of the attacker.
  • Lunarpup line now has access to an additional Trait: Steady
  • Slightly increased level and monster variation in the last floor of Thunderous Cave.
  • Fixed a situation where players could get softlocked in Pawbury Mescher Realm map.
  • Fixed 3 of the 4 solutions in the pyramid table riddle, where purple and magenta were switched on our end.
  • Fixed the avatar of Perfect Armadil.
  • Fixed the issue with Supersensory Trait which could cause an infinite loop.
  • Fixed players getting stuck when interacting with the sculptor from the left.
  • Freeze condition can no longer stay on a Coromon infinitely.
  • Fixed a situation where players could walk through walls in Haunted Halls.
  • Fixed a situation where players could walk through walls in Vermeer Grotto.
  • Fixed Pele being at the wrong location after defeating Hozai.
  • Rebooted the Fusebox so that it damages the attacker instead of healing it while discharging.
  • Tactical Retreat trait now shows the name of the Coromon.
  • Fixed players being able to walk over water in the Radiant Park Mescher Realm map.
  • Fixed Snow causing an Invalid Online match.
  • Fixed Rain weather not preventing Burn condition.
  • Fixed Potent Pitterbyte avatar to have the correct colors.
  • Fix players being able to snip Shrooms twice when running away and back to the shroom.
  • Xp Chip item now shows how many you possess.
  • Fix players remaining on their surfboard when losing while surfing.
  • Updated the avatar of Dugterra potential variations.
  • Fixed a crash that could cause Frantic Mask to cause a stack overflow.
  • Added a possible fix for a crash caused by an unknown controller when launching the game.
  • Spark Disc now depletes 3 SP per hit, like the description says.
  • Researchers in the pyramid now also have the Researcher battle track.


Steam Logo.png March 31st, 2022

  • Fixed graphics API causing black screen and crashes
  • Several other fixes


Steam Logo.png March 31st, 2022 (No build notes)

Full Release!


Steam Logo.png August 2nd, 2021


  • Added a new mechanic called Milestones. By playing you progress through the Milestones and gain XP. If you gain enough XP, you will level up as Battle Researcher, and Lux Solis will reward you with a Promotion Bonus.
  • We've updated the title screen and introduced a new logo!
  • Toruga's shell mysteriously grew some rocky spikes.
  • You can now select facial hair for your character.
  • Added 2 additional hair colors; white and mintgreen
  • Removed the restriction of only being able to lower your difficulty. You can now switch between custom and preset difficulties, and also increase your difficulty.
  • The Coromon in your Monster Storage can now be sorted on date/level/Potential/database number.
  • Enabling the Trainer Hub limitation setting will now prevent the Monster Storage from healing.


  • Updated Spinner animations.
  • You can now view older phone messages you received from NPCs.
  • Added a new obtainable item: Dream Spinner.
  • Added a new obtainable item: Skill Flash I.
  • Added a new obtainable item: Energiser Gem.
  • After using the Potential Reader, the Potential Value is now always shown in other UI


  • Coromon will now always have a Trait.
  • Every Squad member will now restore 20% SP after each battle.
  • Stat-modifying Skills no longer cost SP.
  • SP cakes can now overcharge a small amount, meaning that you can go beyond the maximum amount of SP by using a cake.
  • You can now look at the base stats & Skills of your Coromon when distributing Potential statpoints.
  • Voodoo now shows the health bar of the targeted Coromon when the target is outside of battle.
  • Coin Snatch now gives gold equal to 30% of the opponent's gold bounty on every of its 3 uses (This was 15%, 35%, 50%)
  • The fusebox now receives 1.5x damage from Electric Skills
  • Updated evasion/accuracy stat boosts.

Maps & Quests

  • Revamped the prologue. It is now even quicker and lets you out of the campus earlier.
  • Revamped the narrative at Donar Island. Where did Umbra Noctis go?
  • Updated Lux Solis Campus and Radiant Park layout.
  • Updated most of the NPC dialogues.
  • The Power Tower maps have been redesigned. Don't worry; Mr. Mind is still there!
  • You can now interact with the closet in your room to change clothing, glasses and headgear.
  • The Coromon Basics book is now a little easier to find.
  • For the Broken Teleporter quest you no longer have to look for Tim, a quite random NPC. Instead you are sent to a known location, so players won't get lost.
  • Modified several houses to have (open) bedrooms. NPCs need to sleep as well.
  • Small improvement in the running animation of characters.
  • Updated Voltgar's overworld sprite.
  • The Bright Light Trait effect now passively lights up your surrounding when the Coromon with this Trait is the leading Squad member.


  • Several settings now have a better description.
  • Added a setting to reduce flashes.
  • Added a setting to let you choose a Coromon before a wild battle.
  • Added a setting to let you choose a Coromon before a trainer battle.
  • The Nickname and Summary questions setting now have 3 possible values: "Never", "Ask", "Always".

Other Small Improvements

  • Walking/running away after interacting with an NPC is now more convenient. No need to release the button you were holding anymore.
  • You can now push to open the fence in Hayville.
  • Added a message which explains the Rest Button, the first time you get below 50% SP
  • Fixed UI disappearing on mobile devices.
  • Fixed being able to skip trainers by using a gauntlet module.
  • The camera now moves more smoothly.
  • Checkpoints are now unlocked on every Power Tower floor.
  • Pushable rocks now show a track on the ground to indicate the rock can move around.
  • More stable saveslot export option on Android devices.
  • Added a stat to your logbook indicating wether you've switched difficulty.
  • The Golden Gauntlet's color is now brighter.


Steam Logo.png April 4th, 2021 (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png April 3rd, 2021

  • 🐰
  • Spinners are now excluded from the in-battle item limitation in Custom Difficulty
  • Minor improvements and fixes


Steam Logo.png March 7th, 2021 (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png March 6th, 2021 (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png March 2nd, 2021 (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png March 1st, 2021

Desktop improvements

  • Full-screen mode now works!
  • Increased the window resolution from 286x160 to 384x216 pixels of content, this comes with a more 'zoomed out' experience.
  • Added a new keyboard input scheme which lets you use the arrow keys and the ZXCV keys, so you can play without mouse.
  • The WASD keyboard input scheme's "shift" and "ctrl" keys got changed to the "F" and "R" keys for ergonomic reasons.
  • Implemented mouse hover for world map to show location names.
  • Implemented mouse hover for type icons to explain the effectiveness.
  • Implemented mouse hover for skill buttons in the battle UI to show skill names

Gameplay improvements

  • Added a third save slot!
  • You can now postpone potential stat distribution. Save them for later if you're in doubt.
  • Added a Tips & Tricks screen in the settings. This will show useful tips for both new & experienced players.
  • The "back" button (assigned to "X" or "shift" for keyboard) can now be used to run.
  • The Skill Unlocked notification now also shows the skill's description.
  • Most popular gamepads will work out of the box.
  • Defeating a wild Coromon with Coin Snatch now has a chance that it will drop gold that it stole from other trainers.
  • Added a Discord icon and link to the title screen.
  • Added a Custom Difficulty (unlocked after defeating Voltgar in any save slot) with the following rules
    • All rules included in the existing easy/hard/insane difficulties
    • Catch other Trainer's Coromon
    • Recover SP on level up
    • Disable held items
    • Trainer Hub recovery limit per town
    • Item usage limit per battle
    • Randomize trainer Coromon
    • Randomize wild encounters
    • Randomize evolutions
    • Randomize Traits
    • Randomize Skills
    • Randomize items obtained from quests or found in the overworld
    • Randomize quest Coromon
    • Randomize starter Coromon
    • Randomize Titan order (disabled for demo)
    • Swurmy Only mode

Battle improvements

  • Voltgar, Armadil, Moffel and Digmow have gotten a visual overhaul!
  • Voltgar now has a persistent second phase effect.
  • We changed the effect of the Poison condition. Instead of doing 1/8 HP per turn it will now do 1/16 HP and 1/16 SP.
  • We added a new condition; Hazy. This condition will double the SP cost of the Coromon suffering from this condition.

All skills that could apply Confusion will now apply Hazy instead.

  • Gamepad users will now get to see the skill name of the selected skill in the battle UI.
  • Coromon can now appear with personalised texts; "Armadil blocks your path!", "Moffel emerges from the ground!"


Steam Logo.png December 25th, 2020 (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png November 11th, 2020 (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png Oct 29th, 2020

  • Added Russian and Portuguese as available languages
  • Reduced the size of foreheads on all characters!
  • You can now edit the avatar’s name in the settings
  • Added a time-limited hat, available this Saturday (October 31st)
  • Illuminate now lasts longer and can be used while walking
  • Lowered the sensitivity of touch controls
  • Holding the ‘items’ button will now automatically select the last selected item
  • Minor improvements and fixes


Steam Logo.png Sep 21st, 2020

  • Reintroduced mother and Dexter has a new role in the household.
  • You can now see the details of an active weather effect in a battle
  • Auto scroll setting has been removed
  • Gravity pull now has a 25% chance of triggering (was 50%)
  • Updated translations
  • You're not able to walk through certain bookcases anymore :)
  • Minor improvements and fixes


Steam Logo.png Sep 6th, 2020

  • Added Italian as available language
  • We completely overhauled the prologue, be sure to try it out!
  • A new gauntlet module is added, the STINK module
  • You can now configure quick actions for when holding the pause button
  • Coromon's trait & stat information is added to the database
  • Hayville's Trainer Hub now has a vending machine
  • Megalobite has undergone a visual overhaul
  • Renamed 'Shed Skin' Trait to 'Molter'
  • The PC in your bedroom now has a fun minigame installed
  • Increased base text speed
  • LuxLocator has been replaced with an Evo Block item
  • Minor improvements and fixes


Discord release: August 24th, 2020 (no build notes)

  • WARNING: Game saves are not compatible between this version and previous ones; starting the game will result in a crash after the title screen. Saves must be manually removed from the AppData/Local/TRAGSoft/Coromon/.system folder.


Steam Logo.png July 13th, 2020

  • Added Spanish and Turkish as available languages.
  • You can now drag & drop your Coromon to quickly sort them in the menu.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.


Steam Logo.png June 13th, 2020 (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png June 5th, 2020

  • Added language selection to settings. The currently available languages are English, German, French and Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks to everyone that helped translating!
  • Added a sparkling Coromon for you to catch in Thunderous Cave F1, it's oozing with anticipation!
  • Added new Magnetic and Stinky Traits, which are available for the new Coromon
  • Added Antidote as active Trait available for the Swurmy line
  • Improved pixel rendering, which should make the game look better on specific devices
  • Added "Continue on Normal Difficulty" when losing all of your Coromon on Hard or Insane
  • When using a Spinner you won't have to select a target anymore when there's just one wild Coromon
  • Once you've reached the Power Tower checkpoint at the top, you can freely take the elevator up to any floor
  • Mr. Mind was getting bored, and is awaiting you for a rematch!
  • Minor improvements and fixes


Steam Logo.png April 4th, 2020

Demo version 0.1.12 is now released.

  • You are now able to capture wild Coromon in horde battles without first knocking one out. Or you can capture both!
  • LuxLure will no longer lure more than one Coromon at a time.
  • Armado has undergone a visual overhaul.
  • Someone at Donar Island might be able to help you to upgrade your Patterbit...
  • We've adjusted the rates at which Coromon awaken their potential at every Potential level. We did this in order to make the difference between a Standard and Perfect Coromon more noticable on lower levels as well as higher levels. This could mean you will get more bonus points on a next Potential level-up.
  • The Coromon Summary now also shows the Potential Level when you're viewing the Potential Stats.
  • Added a setting to show the actual Spinners which hold your Coromon. This only changes the Spinner icons at the start of a battle, next to your avatar.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.


Steam Logo.png Mar 31st, 2020 (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png Mar 29th, 2020 (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png Mar 27th, 2020

  • We changed the way you catch Coromon on Insane. You now get the LuxLure device. You can use this item once per area to trigger an encounter with a Coromon species you don't have yet. The Coromon can be any species from the area you are in. You will also see an icon in the top right of the screen if you can catch a new Coromon in the area you are in.
  • Added an active effect to the Illuminate Trait. You can activate Illuminate in dark caves to temporarily light up the area. Try it with your Lumon or Lampyre!
  • Added a Bind Trait option to the quick bind menu.
  • The Type Effectiveness manual can now also be selected in the Item Bind menu.
  • SP is now a stat which can also be increased using Potential bonus stat points. You can put at most 26 points in it at the moment.
  • Added Condition Scents: these items have a 50% chance to apply a condition to wild Coromon you encounter. You can find some in a chest in Radiant Park, or in your inventory if you already opened the chest.
  • The fusebox can no longer one-shot you, but instead will leave you with 1HP if your Coromon would have fainted. Damage dealt when your Coromon is at 1HP will cause your Coromon to faint.
  • Swurmy now has a secondary evolution condition, which can allow them to evolve early. Can you discover what it is?
  • Shops now clearly show how much gold you will receive when using a coupon.
  • When a Coromon increases its max HP or SP on level-up, its current HP or SP will now increase as well.
  • Buffed the Potentiflator by increasing the chance to grow more than 1 Potential value.
  • Added a button to Squad menus with which you can quickly check which Coromon have which held items.
  • Added a button to the Squad dropdown menu to quickly give or move around held items between Coromon. You can hold this button to remove a held item.
  • Added an option to the settings to move around GUI elements within a certain area on touch devices.
  • Added an option for "Keyboard Only" controls.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.


Steam Logo.png Mar 13th, 2020 (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png Mar 8th, 2020

  • A new Coromon is howling in Thunderous Cave BF1... Try to find it and check out its evolution as well!
  • Increased maximum Coromon level in the demo to 25.
  • Added the option to rename your Coromon from the menu. You can also use this to remove nicknames by leaving the input field empty.
  • Improved Coromon Storage.
  • Added "Easy Battles" setting. When this is enabled you will be asked if you want to switch out your Coromon when an opponent's Coromon fainted. Enabling this setting on Hard or Insane will flag your savedata as "Impure", making the savedata ineligible to unlock related achievements. Note that there are no achievements in the demo.
  • Added a question to see the summary of a new Coromon after capturing one.
  • Added a setting to turn off this question, as well as an option to turn off the nickname question.
  • Releasing a Coromon or losing a Coromon on Hard/Insane will now place the item they were holding back in your inventory.
  • The Database now also shows the known locations of a Coromon. Use the Interact button to toggle between the description and the known locations.
  • The worldmap popup showing the Coromon in that area now hides Coromon you have not yet encountered.
  • Pressing the back button on Andoid devices now shows a confirm popup instead of exiting the game.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.


Steam Logo.png Feb 17th, 2020

  • A new Coromon is inhabiting Woodlow Forest... Try to find it and check out its evolution as well!
  • Added item bind menu to be able to quickly access items. Perrin will add this Gauntlet upgrade when he installs the Essence Module. Hold Shift (or Extra 1 on controllers) to access the Gauntlet Power / Item Bind menu. Once you bind an item. You can unbind it by holding down the respective key (1-3), or with a controller by selecting an entry and holding the interact button.
  • Coromon can now be swapped around faster. By holding down on a Coromon from the menu you instantly see the swap popup.
  • Active effects (like Scents) can now also be accessed via controller by pressing the Extra 2 button.
  • Mino now has a set of Traits available.
  • Improved English syntax with thanks to Kingfisher!
  • Fixed a softlock when losing all Coromon on Hard+ difficulty.
  • HP & SP bar now correctly update their max values during a battle.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.


Steam Logo.png Feb 9th, 2020

  • Perrin now has a stack of spare Gauntlets to give to trainers when he upgrades their Gauntlets. This should prevent trainers worrying that their Coromon are not in good hands.
  • Coromon with conditions like Shock, Burn etc. will be cured of their condition after 4 battles, whether they participate in the battle or not. This counter includes the battle in which the condition was inflicted.
  • Passing Jebediah's first quiz now rewards a nice item, the Lazy Gem. This item gives some XP to the Coromon holding it, if it did not participate in the battle. Trainers which already completed the quiz can find this item in their inventory.
  • The Potentiflator and Traitformator progress will now be shown when talking to Oleg or Roman.
  • Professor Larch finally shared his research data: You can now see which Coromon appear in areas in the world map. Click on a town or route to see the Coromon population of that area.
  • Dialogs in which you may spend Gold (like Shops, Potentiflator, Traitformator) now show your available Gold.
  • Improved dialog flow when emojis are used.
  • Silquil now evolves at level 15, and Moffel now evolves at level 17.
  • A possible soft lock at Power Tower floor 2 should no longer be possible, and solved for players who experienced this.
  • Improved feedback mechanism from Mr. Mind's security measure at Power Tower floor 4.
  • When the prologue is completed, players can now take the train back home to visit their mother, and redo their hair in front of their mirror.
  • Added a number of new hairstyles.
  • Lowered cave encounters some more.
  • Improved shop layout for better pathing to the register.
  • Added a setting for mobile to hide the movement input.
  • Possible fix for games freezing right before a trainer battle.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.


Steam Logo.png Jan 31, 2020 (est.) (No build notes)


Steam Logo.png Jan 27, 2020

  • When starting a new game, players have the option to try out a quick battle to get a feel for the battle mechanics. This is for the demo only.
  • Trainers that forget to pick up their Coromon get blocked from going to Woodlow Forest. Silly trainers, you can't battle without Coromon.
  • The Beezel and Buzzlet quests now keep track of your progress in the logbook.
  • The Potentiflator should no longer send Coromon into oblivion.
  • Scrolling in the Coromon Storage with a gamepad now works as intended.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.


Steam Logo.png Jan 25, 2020

  • The receptionist now offers the option for a less extended training course for more experienced trainers.
  • Added a setting to enable window scaling.
  • Added Settings and Quit button to the title screen.
  • New icons for "Delete savegame" button on the title screen and "Return to title screen" button in the game menu.
  • Type effectiveness can now also be seen in the Coromon details popup when clicking its nametag.
  • Adjusted Type Efficiency of some types. We did this to prevent wild Coromon in the first routes to be super effective against starters:
    • Cut is now 2x against Electric, and 0.5x against Ghost.
    • Heavy is no longer 2x against Electric.
  • Trapped Coromon have their Speed lowered, making Constrict more useful.
  • Skill buttons show whether they will be very effective or not effective with a small color indicator.
  • Renamed a number of Skills.
  • Sleeping Coromon restore some SP per turn.
  • Increased flashlight visibility, and removed flashlights. You now get a cool helmet with the same functionality.
  • Traitifier is no longer limited to once per Coromon.
  • Wild Coromon drop the Gold which they robbed from you on fainting. Sweet revenge!
  • Added a custom background for Voltgar.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.


Steam Logo.png Jan 19, 2020

We've received quite some feedback on the low variation in Coromon types. Adding new Coromon types would take quite some resources, but adding more after release of the full game already was, and will remain our goal. To address this feedback until we reach that point, we're introducing Skill Types. We've added six new types, which (for now) can only be found on Skills. This means that we've changed the type of some existing and upcomming skills, to allow for more strategic Squad building and skill selection. Check the updateded Type Manual in-game to see how each of the new types interact with the existing ones.

For Hard or Insane players, we've set up a system which keeps track of all your Coromon that returned to the wild. Should you decide to lower the difficulty to Normal or Easy, your Coromon will return to your Storage. This change is not retroactive, so all Coromon which have currently returned to the wild, will remain there.

  • Added Skill Types, and changed types on a number of skills.
  • Updated visuals for the Power Tower puzzles. We are now using symbols instead of (sometimes hard to differentiate) colors.
  • Lowering difficulty from Hard or Insane will return your lost Coromon (not retroactive).
  • Added signs in front of the labs in the Lux Solis Campus, so that new trainers have less trouble getting around.
  • The flashes after overcharging the fusebox are no longer flashes, but a smooth fade transition.
  • Increased speed of Claw and Bite skill animation.
  • You can see some extra info while viewing locked skills.
  • Slight decrease to encounter rates in specific grass patches.
  • Buzzlet can now be encountered in Woodlow Forest as well, and Mino appears more often in Radiant Park.
  • Added sections to the settings menu, and added streamer info there: Game Capture doesn't work well with our engine, but Window Capture or Display Capture works fine.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs & typos.


Steam Logo.png Jan 16, 2020

  • Improved visibility for stairs in Thunderous Cave.
  • Lowered encounter rates in Thunderous Cave slightly further.
  • You're now allowed into Radiant Park after picking a starter. If you capture a Coromon before going to Professor Alder, he will no longer explain how to capture a Coromon.
  • Kacey no longer gives Recall items on Insane difficulty, instead giving their value in Gold.
  • Recall is also no longer available in shops on Insane.
  • Fixed Power Talons not updating the target's HP bar.
  • Voodoo got a slight nerf and should be used less often by AI. It now also says more clearly that Coromon outside of battle get damaged when that happens.
  • Added a handbook about weather effects.
  • Gave a Sand move to Moffel: Sandball (40 power, 100 accuracy, 10% chance for accuracy loss, unlocks at level 7). Note that your Moffel or Digmow's selected skills could be changed.
  • Gave an extra Fire move to Mino: Ignite, unlocked at level 19, which instantly Burns the target. Note that your Mino's selected skills could be changed.
  • Potential distribution popup now shows the name of the Coromon.
  • Fixed Coromon getting added to the Database before they were send out in battle.
  • Fixed Treadmill walking bug.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs & typos.


Steam Logo.png Jan 14, 2020

  • Added Auto Run option in settings screen.
  • Added option for a larger onscreen DPAD.
  • Added the default keyboard control binding window to the settings screen.
  • Added new reward for the Buzzlet Collector Quest (The ones Nikola needs have to be of Potential 15 now though). If you completed the quest already, talk to Nikola again for the reward.
  • Removed the function where the player is moving an extra spot after the player stopped running.
  • Most 'yes' and 'no' answers can now be quick-selected by using the Use or Back button on your controller. Let us know if some are missing.
  • The room with the fusebox in Thunderous Cave now has a checkpoint.
  • Your item amounts now update while still in the shop screen.
  • Minor bugfixes & updates.
  • Canul Fruit now has a 30% chance (up from 20%) to inflict a condition.
  • Added a 'Shift' button to the on-screen keyboard, for easy capitalisation.
  • Added trainers to the Battle Grounds at the Lux Solis Campus after defeating the Titan and having returned to the Lab. (You can find them when your quest says you should go through the Soggy Swamp.)


Steam Logo.png Jan 11, 2020

  • Fixed Trainer Hub healing monitor.
  • Opened up the fusebox room after completing the quest.
  • Adjusted volume of certain loud sound effects.
  • Adjusted Combi Cake prices to reflect SP cake price drop.
  • The Beezel harassing Perrin can now be caught.
  • Bugfixes and balances for a number of skills which weren't working as intended.
  • Added explanation of savedata modification when starting on Hard or Insane.
  • Shop now has a cancel option.
  • Potent (x2) and Perfect (x4) Coromon give more XP upon defeating them.
  • Added the six Swurmies to Hayville before they escaped.
  • Fixed some typos and map errors.
  • Reorganised some items: renamed Quest items to Key Items, and switched a number of items between the Key Items and Other categories. So if you lost some items, check the different tab.


Steam Logo.png Jan 10, 2020

  • Fixed Vetegarian Trait not working, which broke in version 0.0.7.
  • Added an option to Rest during battle, whenever you miss out on some sp.
  • Halved Potentiflator & Traitformator cost.
  • Trainer Hub healing area received a nice makeover.
  • Lowered amount of gold lost when blacking out.
  • Fixed Glacier description.
  • Slightly increased Treadmill speed.
  • Jebediah stands ready to challenge you again, once you meet the requirements (After playing through the cave, you will receive a message when you walk through the first room of the Buzzlet Lab ). The reward will be worth it...


Steam Logo.png unknown

  • Fixed Trainer Hub healing monitor.
  • Opened up the fusebox room after completing the quest.
  • Adjusted volume of certain loud sound effects.
  • Adjusted Combi Cake prices to reflect SP cake price drop.
  • The Beezel harassing Perrin can now be caught.
  • Bugfixes and balances for a number of skills which weren't working as intended.
  • Added explanation of savedata modification when starting on Hard or Insane.
  • Shop now has a cancel option.
  • Potent (x2) and Perfect (x4) Coromon give more XP upon defeating them.
  • Added the six Swurmies to Hayville before they escaped.
  • Fixed some typos and map errors.
  • Reorganised some items: renamed Quest items to Key Items, and switched a number of items between the Key Items and Other categories. So if you lost some items, check the different tab


Steam Logo.png unknown

  • Fixed Vegetarian Trait not working, which broke in version 0.0.7.
  • Added an option to Rest during battle, whenever you miss out on some sp.
  • Halved Potentiflator & Traitformator cost.
  • Trainer Hub healing area received a nice makeover.
  • Lowered amount of gold lost when blacking out.
  • Fixed Glacier description.
  • Slightly increased Treadmill speed.
  • Jebediah stands ready to challenge you again, once you meet the requirements. The reward will be worth it...


Steam Logo.png unknown

  • Lowered encounter ratings in all areas.
  • You now gain XP for catching Coromon, 50% of what you would earn defeating them.
  • Tons of balance changes to skills, energy costs, power and accuracy.
  • Added percentages to skill descriptions when they did not yet said it.
  • Changed the values for the text speed settings.
  • Type names added to the Type Manual.
  • Added missing indicator which shows number of remaining Coromon for a trainer.
  • LuxPhone sfx should now be normal again - this file was corrupted.
  • Cut some dialogue from the prologue.
  • Changed accuracy values from Clumsy Power (-20% to -10%) and Twilight (-15% to -10%)
  • Coromon with the Escapist trait will now escape quicker
  • The postman now decides to go to Hayville for its escort.
  • Fusebox now discharges when hit by a non-electric skill, as intended.
  • Added one-time controls explanation popups for keyboard navigation clarification.
  • Increased Flashlight duration.
  • Balanced some trainers.
  • Adjusted prices of some items.
  • Removed gold penalty when losing from Dexter.
  • Added a number of extra (hidden) items for you to find, including a very exclusive piece of headgear...