Woodlow Harbor

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Map of Woodlow Harbor
A small glade connects Woodlow Forest and Soggy Swamp. The beach is often used as departure point for transfers to Donar Island.
~ Area Description

Woodlow Harbor is a small area connecting to Woodlow Forest and Soggy Swamp. A boat can be taken from here to reach Donar Island.

Music Theme

This theme plays when the player is on Woodlow Harbor. It is also the music played when the player is on Radiant Park, with the difference of the absence of the chirping bird sounds and a different loop. (For Mobile Users, click here)


A small area with patches of grass. The path to the north leads to Soggy Swamp, the player is initially prevented to head that way until they fulfill Professor Rigel's request to collect the Titan essence in Donar Island. The path to the east leads to the coast and the boat to Donar Island; the coastline has its own encounters.

Coromon Located Here

Coromon Level Rarity Zone Double Battle
11 Beezel A.pngBeezel 10-11 Common A
16 Slitherpin A.pngSlitherpin 9-10 Common A
32 Moffel A.pngMoffel 8-11 Common A
35 Buzzlet A.pngBuzzlet 7-12 Common A ✔️
98 Mino A.pngMino 7-10 Uncommon A ✔️
30 Fiddly A.pngFiddly 8-12 Common B (Coastline)
77 Tinshel A.pngTinshel 8-12 Common B (Coastline)

Encounter Rates

Zone Rates
A 16.67%
11 Beezel A.pngBeezel
16 Slitherpin A.pngSlitherpin
32 Moffel A.pngMoffel
35 Buzzlet A.pngBuzzlet
8.33% (D)
35 Buzzlet A.pngBuzzlet
35 Buzzlet A.pngBuzzlet
16.67% (D)
98 Mino A.pngMino
98 Mino A.pngMino
B (Coastline) 50%
30 Fiddly A.pngFiddly
77 Tinshel A.pngTinshel


Area Item Location
Woodlow Harbor REVIVE SHARD.pngPhoenix Shard x1 West-most small rock on beach
SPINNER REGULAR 2.pngSilver Spinner x1 Small rock by the bottom of beach
CAKE CURE CONDITION SHOCK.pngGround Cake x1 Small rock by the top of beach
SKILL FLASH.pngSkill Flash 1 x1 Chest at the very top of the coastline

Hidden Gems/Items location

Location GEM RED 1.pngItem GoldIcon.png Sell price
Woodlow Harbor
WoodlowHarbor gem1.png GEM BLUE 1.pngBlue Gem (s) DRILL SHOVEL SILVER.png160 / DRILL SHOVEL GOLD.png120
WoodlowHarbor gem2.png GEM BLUE 3.pngBlue Gem (l) DRILL SHOVEL SILVER.png3200 / DRILL SHOVEL GOLD.png2400
WoodlowHarbor gem3.png GEM GREEN 2.pngGreen Gem (m) DRILL SHOVEL SILVER.png1200 / DRILL SHOVEL GOLD.png900