Wostin Desert

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The heat makes it difficult for people to traverse the desert. Some Battle Researchers love training here, to push themselves and their Coromon to the limit.
~ Area Description

Wostin Desert is the fifth route of the game. It connects Pawbury and Darudic.


Wostin Desert consists of orange patches of grass with Coromon around level 20. There is a cave in the middle, leading to the Scorching Sands area.

The Scorching Sands area has a unique mechanic in that every step taken on the sand will increase the heat meter on the side of the screen. Too many steps causes the character to overheat and prompts a retry. Standing under the tents located throughout the area will reduce the heat meter over time, and walking on the rocks will not increase the heat meter. Most grass patches will not increase heat, but not all. Sol Soda can be used to reduce the heat meter by approximately 50% and is required to reach an area on the north-east side.

Coromon Located Here

Coromon Level Rarity Area Double Battle
16 Slitherpin A.pngSlitherpin 18-24 Common A c
17 Serpike A.pngSerpike 19-26 Common B B
21 Armadil A.pngArmadil 23-25 Common Cave Cave
23 Sanscale A.pngSanscale 22-26 Common A C
25 Bittybolt A.pngBittybolt 21-24 Uncommon Cave Cave
28 Molteye A.pngMolteye 23-26 Common C
33 Digmow A.pngDigmow 21-24 Common Cave Cave
36 Bazzer A.pngBazzer 22-24 Common Cave
49 Kyreptil A.pngKyreptil 24 Uncommon C
55 Skuldra A.pngSkuldra 23-25 Uncommon B
71 Decibite A.pngDecibite 18-21 Uncommon A A
72 Centilla A.pngCentilla 24-26 Uncommon A C
77 Tinshel A.pngTinshel 15-16 Common C
78 Dunpod A.pngDunpod 21-25 Common Cave Cave C C
93 Mooby A.pngMooby 20-22 Rare B
94 Molbash A.pngMolbash 23-25 Rare B


*Sol Soda is required to reach the area.
Area Item Location
South Wostin Desert CAKE RECOVER HEALTH 2.pngHP Cake (M) x1 Chest near entrance
GoldIcon.pngGold x600 Help Rana find the gem
SPINNER ELEMENT SAND.pngGround Spinner x1 Chest near Rana
XP CHIP.pngXP Chip x1 Stone in the north-east of Rana
SKILL FLASH.pngSkill Flash 47 x1 Chest behind some bushes
CAKE APPLY STATBOOST SPEED 1.pngSpeed Cake (S) x1 Chest in south-west corner
CAKE RECOVER ENERGY 4.pngSP Cake (XL) x1 Chest inside the south cave
FRUIT APPLY STATBOOST SPECIALDEFENSE.pngLiu Fruit x1 Rightmost pillar in the south cave
Scorching Sands FRUIT RECOVER ENERGY.pngMull Fruit x2 Chest across grass path at entrance
SCENT APPLY CONDITION HAZY.pngFoggy Scent x1 Rock near broken bridge
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH AND ENERGY 3.pngCombi Cake (L) x1 Big rock on hardened dirt ground to the west
SCENT REPEL LOWER LEVEL.pngStinky Scent x1 Chest near tent before the bridge
GoldIcon.pngGold x1000 Chest north of the bridge
SCENT INCREASE LEVEL.pngProtein Scent x1 Chest at the edge of cliff
GAUNTLET COUPON.pngGold Gauntlet Coupon x1 Golden chest north of broken bridge*
SOL SODA.pngSol Soda x1 Chest north of broken bridge*
SPINNER REGULAR 4.pngPlatinum Spinner x1 Rock beside tent north of broken bridge*
RECALL.pngLuxRecall x1 Rock north of tent north of broken bridge*
HOLD RECOVER HEALTH.pngRevitaliser x1 Golden chest beside palm tree north of broken bridge*
North Wostin Desert REVIVE STONE.pngPhoenix Stone x1 Chest inside the north cave
SKILL FLASH.pngSkill Flash 67 x1 Left pillar near north cave exit
FRUIT APPLY STATBOOST DEFENSE.pngDip Fruit x2 Chest in north-east corner
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH 3.pngHP Cake (L) x1 Chest near bushes south of Gem Warehouse
SPINNER ELEMENT ELECTRIC.pngStatic Spinner x1 Chest hidden behind bushes to the west
SPINNER ELEMENT SAND.pngGround Spinner x1
GoldIcon.pngGold x2000 On the ground hidden within the far west bushes