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A Coromon suffering from poison will need an antidote as soon as possible! The poison seeping in its veins will cause the Coromon

to lose some HP and SP every turn in a battle, and lowers its Attack by 30%. If the poison remains uncured, the Coromon will lose all of its HP and SP within sixteen rounds.

~ Condition Handbook

Poison is a Status Condition that is inflicted by certain Poison Type Skills. When a Coromon is poisoned it will lose some HP and SP every turn in a battle and suffers from a lowered Attack Stat by 30%.

Items that Cure Poison

Poison Inflicting Skills

Name Type SP Power Accuracy Category
Poison Chomp Poison.png Poison 6 85 95 Physical
Poison Sting Poison.png Poison 1 20 100 Physical
Toxic Cloud Poison.png Poison 4 - 100 Status
Venomous Bees Poison.png Poison 2 30 100 Special