Dawn Valley

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Dawn Valley is an excavation site being blocked off by some guards by order of Alon, it's located between Wostin Desert and Darudic. The entrance to Pyramid of Sart is located to the north.


Dawn Valley is a place esteemed by the explorers, it's a resourceful excavation site full of riches and home of the magnificent Pyramid of Sart. Access to the pyramid is granted after helping Archie in Darudic.

Coromon Located Here

Coromon Level Rarity Area Double Battle
23 Sanscale A.pngSanscale 15-26 Common Grass ✔️
33 Digmow A.pngDigmow 21-27 Common Grass
55 Skuldra A.pngSkuldra 22-25 Uncommon Grass
71 Decibite A.pngDecibite 17-21 Uncommon Grass ✔️
72 Centilla A.pngCentilla 24-28 Uncommon Grass
93 Mooby A.pngMooby 19-22 Rare Grass


Area Item Location
Dawn Valley SPINNER REGULAR 2.pngSilver Spinner x1 Statue near palm tree
SCENT APPLY CONDITION CURSE.pngDoom Scent x1 Chest south of Darudic entrance
SCENT DECREASE HEALTH.pngFear Scent x1 Fallen brick further west of Pyramid entrance
SKILL FLASH.pngSkill Flash 62 x1 Chest west of the Pyramid entrance
GEM RED 1.pngRed Gem (s) x1 Broken vase in the excavation area