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Splash is a Water Type Special Skill.


"Splash the target, dealing damage equal to the target's level."


Coromon Type Level
7 Nibblegar A.pngNibblegar8 Sheartooth A.pngSheartooth9 Megalobite A.pngMegalobite Water.png Water 18
74 Taddle A.pngTaddle75 Fibio A.pngFibio76 Chonktoad A.pngChonktoad Water.png Water 34
1 Cubzero A.pngCubzero2 Aroara A.pngAroara3 Bearealis A.pngBearealis Ice.png Ice 16
00 titanWater Chalchiu.pngChalchiu Crimsonite.png Crimsonite 5
Unknown.pngVørst Ice.png Ice 1
77 Tinshel A.pngTinshel78 Dunpod A.pngDunpod79 Sandril A.pngSandril Sand.png Sand 15


This section is derived from in-game observations, and requires further testing/confirmation

Beyond an initial damage equal to the target's level, Splash's damage is affected by at least 3 factors: Type Effectiveness, Type Proficiency, and Rainy Weather. If a Water type Coromon uses Splash on a Fire or Sand Coromon during the rain, a total multiplier of 3.75x will be applied to Splash's Damage. Similarly, if a non-water type Coromon uses Splash on a Water, Ice, or Electric type Coromon during any other weather, a modifier of 0.5x will be applied. Currently, it seems that any decimal values will be truncated, so an end value of 65.625 will round down to 65, not up to 66. Some defensive Traits such as Resistant may affect Splash's damage output (needs testing).

Previous Versions

  • Prior to v0.5.0, Splash was a High Priority skill.