Feint Spurts

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Feint Spurts is a Water Type Special Skill.


"The user dives towards the target at high speed, inflicting damage."


Coromon Type Level
105 Shimshell A.pngShimshell106 Atlantern A.pngAtlantern Water.png Water 20
7 Nibblegar A.pngNibblegar8 Sheartooth A.pngSheartooth9 Megalobite A.pngMegalobite Water.png Water 13
51 Gella A.pngGella52 Gellish A.pngGellish53 Gelaquad A.pngGelaquad Water.png Water 23
30 Fiddly A.pngFiddly31 Ucaclaw A.pngUcaclaw Water.png Water 15
107 Ucaclaw A.pngUcaclaw Dark Magic.png Dark Magic 15