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Conditions refers to the status ailments that can be inflicted onto Coromon during battle from certain skills or items that damage or incapacitate a Coromon's ability to fight. There are certain items and moves that can cure specific types of conditions on Coromon. Conditions are explained in the Condition handbook.

List of Conditions


Main Article: Burn

When a Coromon suffers a burn, it will take a small amount of damage each round and have its Sp. Attack reduced by 30%. Due to its pain, the Coromon gets agitated,

slightly increasing their Speed in the hope of ending the battle sooner.


Main Article: Shock

A jolt of electricity can shock a Coromon. This shock makes the Coromon unable to attack every fourth turn. The Coromon affected by shock also suffers from lowered Speed,

due to the current running through its muscles.


Main Article: Curse

When your Coromon is afflicted with curse, do not panic! Curses can be broken. The cursed Coromon will inverse all positive stat changes, doing the opposite of its

intended effect. Stat changes which are already negative will not change.


Main Article: Poison

A Coromon suffering from poison will need an antidote as soon as possible! The poison seeping in its veins will cause the Coromon to lose some HP and SP every turn in a battle, and lowers its Attack by 30%. If the poison remains uncured, the Coromon will lose all of its HP and SP within sixteen rounds.


Main Article: Sleep

Is your Coromon feeling Drowsy again? Better feed it a Cafi Cake fast! Because every hit on your Coromon will be a critical hit! While feeling drowsy, your Coromon will also have its Attack and Sp. Attack reduced by 30%.


Main Article: Freeze

Did your Coromon get too cool? A frozen Coromon will stay frozen for one round, and then thaw out the next round.

However, while being frozen solid, the Coromon has a lowered Defense and Sp. Defense.


Main Article: Haziness

Oof! A hard slap or a sensory overload can make your Coromon feel hazy. While your Coromon is feeling hazy, it has trouble concentrating. Its critical hit damage will drop by 25% and all its Skills will require twice as much SP. Thankfully, your Coromon will shake it off after four rounds.