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Conditions refers to the status ailments that can be inflicted onto Coromon during battle from certain skills or items that damage or incapacitate a Coromon's ability to fight. There are certain items and moves that can cure specific types of conditions on Coromon. Conditions are explained in the Condition handbook.

List of Conditions


Main Article: Burn

Certain Fire Type Skills can inflict a burn on a target. When a Coromon suffers a burn, it will lose a small amount of its HP each turn. However, due to it's pain, a burned Coromon becomes agitated and increased its Speed Stat, in hopes of ending the battle sooner.


Main Article: Shock

Certain Electric Type Skills can inflict shock on a target. There's a chance that a shocked Coromon will be unable to use a Skill on any given turn, and the electricity running through its muscles will lower its Speed Stat.


Main Article: Curse

Certain Ghost Type Skills can cast a curse on a target. When a Coromon is cursed, it will lose a considerable amount of its HP each turn, and will faint in four rounds if the no action is taken.


Main Article: Poison

Poison Type Skills can poison a target. A poisoned Coromon will lose some of its HP and SP each round, and will faint in 16 rounds if an antidote item is not used.


Main Article: Sleep

When a Coromon is asleep it will not be able to use Skills until it wakes up again in a few turns. However it will recover 25% of its SP each turn it's asleep.


Main Article: Freeze

Certain Ice Type skills can freeze a target. When a Coromon is frozen solid, it won't be able to perform a skill until it thaws out by chance or is cured by an item. A frozen Coromon will also have it's Defense and Special Defense lowered.


Main Article: Haziness

Certain hard hitting Physical skills can make a target feel hazy. When feeling hazy, a Coromon's Crit Chance is lowered by 20% and SP Costs for skills are doubled. Haziness is shrugged off in 3 to 5 turns.