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Handbooks are guides that are given to the player at the beginning of the game, right before selecting a difficulty.

Difficulty Handbook

"We all have difficulties"


Trainers looking for a challenge may consider using a difficulty other than the Normal difficulty. But what exactly does that entail?

This book will explain all the rules for the different difficulties. If you can't decide after reading this book, it is recommended that you choose the Normal difficulty.


This difficulty is for trainers who take it easy:

  • Coromon will fully restore their HP when they level up. No more backtracking!
  • Shop items are 50% cheaper
  • When one of your Coromon faints, you don't need to use a special revive item, instead you can feed it any healing Cake.


This difficulty is for the regular experience:

  • No extra rules are applied.


This difficulty is for trainers who want a challenge:

  • If one of your Coromon faints it will leave your Squad, heeding the call of the wild, it returns to its habitat.
  • You can't escape from any battle; real trainers stand up for themselves.


The most challenging difficulty. In addition to the rules of the Hard difficulty, these rules also apply:

  • You can't use any Recall items, forcing you to travel through Coromon habitats.
  • You may only catch the first Coromon you encounter in each area, and if it faints or flees, you're out of luck. Though you are free to capture any Perfect Coromon.

Condition handbook

"A handy handbook explaining all conditions"


When a Coromon suffers a burn, it will take a small amount of damage per round.

Due to its pain, the Coromon gets agitated and increases its Speed, in hopes of ending the battle sooner.


A jolt of electricity can shock a Coromon. This causes the Coromon to be unable to move now and then.

The Coromon also suffers from lowered Speed, since the electricity running through its body is affecting its muscles.


If someone placed a curse on your Coromon, you better act fast! Perhaps there is a witch doctor around?

The Coromon will lose a considerable amount of its HP each round, and will faint in four rounds if no action is taken.


A Coromon suffering from poison will need an antidote as soon as possible.

The poison seeping in its veins will cause the Coromon to lose some HP every round in a battle, and will faint within eight rounds.


Is your Coromon taking a forced nap? Don't worry! Your Coromon will surely wake up from its sleep within a few turns.

You could also feed your sleeping Coromon a Cafi Cake, or try yelling very loud. Or you could let your Coromon get some neccesary rest: while asleep it will restore 25% SP each turn.


Did your Coromon get too cool? A frozen Coromon luckily has a chance to thaw out and still perform its skill.

However while being frozen solid, the Coromon has a lowered Defense and Special Defense.

Coromon handbook

"A travel journal: my journey across Velua"

The world of Velua

Many years ago, when I first travelled to Velua, I was astounded by the many climates the region has to offer. I got curious, and I wanted to see if I could discover new Coromon in these areas.

I decided to set out on an expedition, and will describe my findings in this journal.

Types of Coromon

On my expedition throughout the different areas of Velua, I discovered that specific types are attracted to these specific areas. For example, most of the Sand Coromon I saw were living in the desert.

In total I have been able to distinguish 7 different types amongst a total of 118 unique species during my expedition.

Types of Skills

I have also found that specific Skills have types, which are not always the same as the types of Coromon. I have discovered 6 of these types, and will call these types Skill Types.

Like all Types, Skill Types differ in their effectiveness depending on the type of Coromon they are used on.

Type effectiveness

How these 7 Coromon Types and 6 Skill Types interact together, is quite complex. But I did discover how each type interacts with the other, something each trainer should be aware of.

So I've summarized these discoveries in a manual, the Type Manual. I will make sure every new trainer will obtain one of these handbooks during their training.

Trainer handbook

"Of Coromon and trainers"

Coromon Battles

Are you thinking of becoming a trainer? Then keep on reading! Because after you've read this book, you'll be one step closer to becoming a professional Coromon trainer, and know everything a trainer should know.

But when are you a trainer? The consensus is that a trainer is someone who is passionate about, and performs the acts of taming and training Coromon.

Trainers often travel around looking for new Coromon or new challenges: each trainer has its own goals. Some want to gain a better understanding about Coromon, others aim for fame by training the strongest Coromon Squad.

Training Coromon

Trainers train their Coromon by having them battle against other Coromon. With enough XP, most Coromon will even evolve into a different form, growing even stronger!

Battling can be done against wild Coromon, but a trainer can also challenge another trainer to a Coromon battle.

Some wild Coromon live in hordes. Winning against a horde will even earn bonus XP!

Trainer Rules

Each trainer adheres to a set of rules:

  • Rule 1: A trainer may carry up to six Coromon at a time.
  • Rule 2: A trainer should always accept a challenge from another trainer.
  • Rule 3: Trainers may not catch Coromon owned by another trainer.

And that is what every aspiring trainer should know. Now, go out there, train your Coromon and follow your dreams!

Stats handbook

An in-depth analysis of Coromon stats


Welcome, dear reader, to my description of Coromon. If you would like more knowledge of Coromon and how they perform, search no more. Our analysis will explain all of the statistics of a Coromon

HP and SP

The most important stat of a Coromon is its Health Points, or HP in short. Once a Coromon loses it all, it will faint, and won't be able to fight until it has had some rest.

Another important stat is a Coromon's Stamina Points, or SP. Each skill requires an amount of SP to use. If the Coromon does not have enough SP, it cannot use the skill.

Physical and Special

There are five basic stats each Coromon has. But to understand them, one must first know the two types of attacks: Physical, and Special.

Physical attacks often make direct contact with the target, like a bite attack. Special attacks rarely make contact, but instead use something special like a beam or projectile.

Base stats

Now that we know the difference between Physical and Special attacks, we can describe the basic stats.

When a Coromon attacks using a Physical move, its Attack stat is used to determine the damage done. And the defending Coromon will use its Defense stat to reduce incoming damage.

Base stats continued

For Special attacks, the attacking Coromon will use its Special Attack stat, and the defending Coromon will use its Special Defense to lower the incoming damage.

But if you want to prevent losing HP, it would be best to take down your opponent as fast as possible. That is where the Speed stat comes in. Because the Coromon with the highest Speed stat will attack first.

And that concludes our analysis of Coromon stats. For explanation about Coromon and their Potential, you can read out acclaimed Potential handbook: Potential comes with experience.

Weather handbook

Weather the weather


The weather can have quite an impact on a battlefield. That's why each trainer should be fully aware of its surroundings, and know what each type of weather does.

That's why I, Cypress, have set out and weathered every type of weather for you, trainer, and scribbled down my findings.


Bring your umbrella! Water type skills inflict 50% more damage, while Fire type skills inflict 50% less damage.

Even more, it seems that Coromon can't get burned in Rain, no matter how often one would try.


Sometimes when venturing deep in dark caves, you can barely see anything because Twilight has set in. This causes almost all Coromon on the battlefield to suffer from a 10% Accuracy decrease.

It seems however that not all Coromon are affected. Ghost type Coromon, and blind Coromon do not suffer from the effects of Twilight.


If a sandstorm brews, you better take cover. All Coromon except Sand Coromon, suffer 10 damage each round.

Sand skills are also boosted in a Sandstorm, with an increased 50% damage.


I'm freezing! And so are Coromon on the battlefield! All Coromon not of the Ice type seem to have a 20% chance to freeze from the cold.

Ice type skills benefit from this weather though, with a 50% increase to the damage they inflict.

And more

There seems to be even more climates in Velua, which I will add in later updates to this book.

But for now, these are all of the weather effects I have discovered so far. Shine bright, and aim for the sun!

Skills handbook

Skills, do you have them?


Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a strong Coromon trainer, and be able to beat every other trainer out there.

If there is one thing I've learned, it is that you need variation in your Squad. Some Coromon are better at attacking, others are better at indirect combat. You need to find the perfect balance.


Luckily, each species of Coromon has its own unique skillset. And with enough training, they will learn new and more powerful skills.

There were times where I struggled against specific trainers. But after taking a look at the skillsets of my Coromon, I saw that I could select a better skillsetssic for that specific battle. On my second try, I defeated my opponent with ease.

With the right skillset, my Coromon could also make use of their Type Proficiency. You see, if a Coromon uses a skill of its own type, it can do more damage with that skill compared to an equal skill of a different type.

For example if a Fire Coromon would use the Fire skill Cinder, it will benefit from this effect, and do more damage than a normal Coromon using Cinder.

Skillful adaption

One other remarkability I found, is that some Coromon can adapt to their environment, and learn a skill which other Coromon of the same species do not know.

I'm keeping an eye out for these Coromon, because they could offer a huge advantage in battles.


With all those powerful moves, you have to keep an eye on the stamina level of your Coromon. Every move costs SP to use, and if it runs out, your Coromon will need to rest a turn to restore some SP.

Keep these tips in mind, and every trainer should be able to become more skillful in battles. Shine bright!

Traits handbook

What makes a Coromon unique: Traits


A book on Traits, by me, the acclaimed Professor Larch.

After working many years with Coromon, I noticed slight differences between Coromon of the same species. But how? Let's find out!


These differences, which I will call Traits, seems to be tesic result of small genetic mutations. These mutations are used by Coromon to adapt to their habitat.

Each species of Coromon seem to be able to obtain just a specific set of Traits. However I have not been able to identify each Trait for each species yet.

The traits of a Coromon can sure come in handy, and give them an advantage over other species with a different Trait, or no Trait at all.

And that concludes this book by me, the acclaimed Professor Larch.

Potential handbook

Potential comes with experience


We people all have our own potential. But did you know that the same goes for Coromon? When participating in battles, Coromon grow more potent.

After gaining enough experience, the Coromon will awaken some of its potential, gaining additional stat points.

However, not every Coromon learns as fast as others. Some have more, or less potential which they can awaken. This is known as its Potential.

A Coromon's Potential can be divided into three categories: Standard, Potent and Perfect.

Potential Continued

There are tools like the Potential Reader which can be used to discover the exact Potential level, which can range from 1 to 21.

The Potential categories also show visually. So if you encounter a Coromon with a deviating appearance, this is due to their deviating Potential.

Get Them All

Some trainers out there in the world, dream of owning every species of Coromon with a Perfect Potential.

Because the more Potential a Coromon has, the more powerful it can grow. Will you try for the perfect Squad as well?