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Did your Coromon get too cool? A frozen Coromon luckily has a chance to thaw out and still perform its skill.

However while being frozen solid, the Coromon has a lowered Defense and Special Defense.

~ Conditions Handbook

Freeze is a Status Condition that can be inflicted by certain Ice Type Skills. When a Coromon is frozen solid, it won't be able to perform a Skill until it thaws out. A frozen Coromon will also have it's Defense and Special Defense lowered by 20%.

Items That Remove Freeze

Freeze Inflicting Skills

Name Type SP Power Accuracy Category
Frost Chomp Ice.png Ice 3 40 100 Physical
Frost Web Ice.png Ice 6 - 100 Status
Glacier Ice.png Ice 6 80 100 Special
Ice Wall Ice.png Ice 4 - - Status

Freeze Related Traits

Name Description
Inner Fire The Coromon has an inner fire burning so hot, that it cannot be frozen.