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Embaval, a Coromon

Coromon are creatures living in the region of Velua that are studied by the corporation Lux Solis. They are raised by Trainers who battle with them and make them stronger. The origins of Coromon are yet unknown.


All Coromon have a Type assigned to them, which makes them stronger or weaker against other types of Coromon. Coromon often physically resemble real-life animals, with design differences that relate to their type. They are caught by Trainers using a device called a Spinner. Once caught, Coromon will obey their Trainer's orders. They engage in battle with other Coromon, be it wild or owned by another trainer. A Coromon can hold a fruit and can use it in battle by its own will. Coromon are also capable of evolution, a process which drastically changes their appearance and size and increases their stats, strengthening them.


"Coromon is a JRPG-like monster taming game set in near future. Explore a charming pixel world filled with challenging puzzles, interesting creatures and titanic bosses. You'll follow the story of an aspiring researcher joining the technologically advanced organisation of Lux Solis. You’ll be assigned to a specialized team called the Titan Taskforce, and you are tasked with investigating the six Titans known in the region of Velua.

But soon you find extraterrestrial forces bringing a mysterious elemental type to your planet, causing the fundament of the world to slowly collapse...

Lux Solis will assist you by providing useful gadgets, but it is all up to you to gather the Titan Essences, and undo the damage done to the earth’s core."