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A jolt of electricity can shock a Coromon. This shock makes the Coromon unable to attack every fourth turn.

The Coromon affected by shock also suffers from lowered Speed, due to the current running through its muscles.

~ Condition Handbook

Shock is a Status Condition that is inflicted by certain Electric Type Skills. When a Coromon is shocked it will be unable to use Skills every fourth turn when the Coromon is in battle, and suffers from a lowered Speed Stat of 50%.

Items that Cure Shock

Shock Inflicting Skills

Name Type SP Power Accuracy Category
Static Fur Electric.png Electric 4 - - Status
Taser Electric.png Electric 4 - 100 Status
Volt Lick Electric.png Electric 3 - 100 Status
Quad Volt Electric.png Electric 4 55 100 Special