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Interact icon.png Unofficial terminology
This article makes use of terms not found within the game. If canonical terms become available, they will replace the ones used here.

Priority is the sequential order of skills in a battle. The higher the priority, the earlier a skill will be performed disregarding Speed difference. When Coromon use skills of equal priority, the Coromon with the higher Speed stat moves first.


Item usage, resting, and switching out monsters will always go first before any Coromon gets to make a move. There are three major priority classes: high, normal and low priority. Within the high and low major classes, priority is also determined by the type of skill, depending on whether it deals damage, inflicts statuses or heals the user. All normal priority skills do not have this form of subclass. The following table lists the priorities currently available. The order of priority decreases going down the table.

Priority Subclass Order Skills
High Status 1 LAST STAND.png Last Stand
Damage 2 DOUBLE STING.png Double StingFADE ATTACK.png Fade AttackFAST STRIKE.png Fast Strike
QUAD VOLT.png Quad VoltPROPELLOR PUNCH.png Propellor Punch
Normal All 3 All other skills
Low Damage 4 VOODOO.png Voodoo
Heal 5 Quick Charge

More information will be listed as more skills are uncovered in the main game.