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Vørst is the Ice Titan.


Vørst is a robotic titan covered in ice. Its right arm and leg are metallic and are covered in crystal spikes that have Dark Magic energy while the rest of its body is covered or made of ice. The lower half of its legs are thick and it has one large spike protruding out on each foot. For its hands, it has two large metal pincers. Its head is a metal sphere that has one eye. The head is completely protected by a rectangular case of ice. Clear ice forms a window for its head on its front side, and ice stalagmites are formed on the top of its head.


Vørst tells the player to put them out of their misery due the Earth being unstable at the point of the story, as such they will not make any moves until they are damaged. This allows the player an infinite amount of time to setup and buff their Coromon until the first hit is made.


"A manifestation of frozen crystals."


Base Stats
Total: 2920 Lvl 1 Lvl 50 Lvl 99 Growth
HP: 1900
30 1019 2009 20.19
Speed: 100
6 55 105 1.01
Attack: 170
6 90 175 1.72
Defense: 210
7 111 215 2.12
Sp. Atk: 180
6 95 185 1.83
Sp. Def: 200
7 106 205 2.02
SP: 160
21 100 180 1.62
Values for bars are calculated from base stats, in-game bar values are indicative of the Coromon's last evolution if applicable. Observed values have no Potential influence.


Name Description Odds
Pure Essence Prevents it from fainting once. Freezes the entire Squad at low HP. 100%


Level Skill Type SP Power Accuracy Category Contact
1 Splash Water 6 - 95 Special no
2 Mist Air 7 - - Status no
3 Snowfall Ice 6 - - Status no
4 Ice Wall Ice 6 - - Status no
5 Frigid Barrier Ice 6 - - Status no
6 Icy Flurry Ice 7 50 90 Special no
7 Iceberg Sweep Ice 7 110 100 Special no
8 Snowball Ice 5 65 90 Physical no
9 Avalanche Ice 8 95 95 Physical no

Bold: this move does 25% more damage due to Type Proficiency.



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