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A module

A Module is a function installed on a Gauntlet allowing its user to perform various actions.


Modules are items in the form of physical chips that can be installed into a Gauntlet. The chip has the Lux Solis logo on one side. Some modules could be bound and used in the overworld using the F key or clicking the ability icon. Long-pressing the F key or icon allows the player to set additional modules in the main slot (which were not available yet in the demo).


Repel.png STINK

STINK Module used by a player.

Main article: STINK

The STINK module is given to the player by Kacey during the Prologue quest. Activating it in a patch of grass repels wild Coromon inside and allows the player to move through the entire patch without triggering a wild battle. It has a 5 minute recharge time.

Push.png PUSH

Main article: PUSH

The PUSH module allows the player to physically push objects in front of them. Awarded to the player by Perrin, the blacksmith in Hayville, after the Essence Collector module is installed.


The Essence Collector module is a non-activatable module that allows the Gauntlet to hold a Titan Essence. It needs to be installed by Perrin, the blacksmith in Hayville.

Attract.png AROMA

Main article: AROMA

The AROMA Module will give you the ability to encounter Coromon of higher levels than normal. Activating in a patch of grass increases the level of wild Coromons encountered by 4-6 levels. It has a 5 minute recharge time. Rewarded from completing the quest Attraction given by researcher Velma.

Burn.png BURN

Main article: BURN

A module that is researched by the researcher Percy in the R&D Lab. It grants the ability to shoot a jet of flame forward which can set certain objects and tiles of tall grass ablaze which then dissipate. When Percy demonstrates this ability, he almost hurts Larry in the process.

ItemFinder.png SCAN

Main article: SCAN

The SCAN module is used to uncover hidden items. When an item is spotted, a sparkle will briefly appear at the item location along with a sound cue. The range is equivalent to the game's screen. It's the grand prize for beating the Mirror Challenge in Lux Solis Campus.

Fish.png FISH

Main article: FISH

A special module that allows to lure Water Coromon when riding the LuxBoard. It's automatically acquired when the player receives the board from Rigel.

Tremor.png TREMOR

Main article: TREMOR

The TREMOR module is used to create a quake capable to destroy boulders and blocked entrances to uncover secret rooms in certain places. It can obtained in a safe by talking to Light Sensei and completing his challenges in Vlamma.