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A Gauntlet is a multitool developed by Lux Solis for their employees. It is a modular device that stores and summons Coromon, they can also be upgraded with new functionalities by installing Modules. All Coromon users wear gauntlets on their left arm.

In Game

The Gauntlet is integral to the mechanics of the game. It is received from the Receptionist the player must speak to at the beginning of the game when they arrive at the Lux Solis Campus. Players may choose from three Gauntlet colors: standard blue, colorful green, and maverick red. Other colors and cosmetic variations such as the Gold Gauntlet can be obtained by trading in Gauntlet Coupons at the reception desk. The gauntlet's appearance on the player character can be disabled within the Clothing tab in the items menu, however, it will still appear during Gauntlet Power animations.

Gauntlets lets trainers carry up to 6 Coromon with them and up to 7 equipable modules (not including the Essence Collector Module). The currently equipped module can be activated by pressing F or tapping the Gauntlet Power icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Holding down on the icon or F key brings up a menu where the current active module can be selected. The player character's gauntlet allows them to carry 7 orbs of Titan Essence with them as well.

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