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The Prologue is a quest that begins at the start of the game. In it, the player becomes a Lux Solis battle researcher and receives their Starter Coromon. Completing this quest leads to main story quest Titan Taskforce.


Several items are received during the quest.

Logbook Entries

Entry Required Actions
I should go downstairs. Walk downstairs from the player's room, talk to your Mother and take the train to Lux Solis Campus.
I should report at the reception. Walk to the reception room and talk to the receptionist. Select difficulty and gauntlet color.
Gideon at the Coromon Lab will continue my onboarding as a new Battle Researcher. Walk from the Train Station to the Coromon Lab and reach the center corridor.
I was told Nelson at the Coromon Lab could help me further. Walk to the bottom right and proceed downstairs to reach Nelson past the glass door.
Nelson wants me to step into the machine. Walk into the machine.
Which Coromon do I like most? Select a Starter Coromon and battle against Nelson in the Arena.
I should find Larry in the R&D Lab, located in Radiant Park. Walk from the Arena to Radiant Park, from there follow the path to R&D Lab.
I am now a Lux Solis Battle Researcher. -