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Disable is a Magic Type Status Skill.


Upon using the ability, the target's last used skill cannot be used for the next 5 turns. If the target attempts to use a disabled skill, nothing happens and their turn is skipped. Disable can only block one skill at a time, and will fail if the it is the first move used in a battle or the target is already has a move disabled. It used to be called Disable Skill.


"Disable the target's last used move for 5 rounds."


Coromon Type Level
82 Purrgy A.pngPurrgy83 Ghinx A.pngGhinx84 Purrghast A.pngPurrghast Ghost.png Ghost 60
00 titanGhost Illuginn.pngIlluginn Ghost.png Ghost 7
85 Gauslime A.pngGauslime86 Magnamire A.pngMagnamire Electric.png Electric 12