Train Station

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Lux Solis Campus Station.png

The Train Station is the first area the player arrives to within Lux Solis Campus. The building contains a room to board the train and a reception room.


During the Prologue, The player must report to the Receptionist to select a Gauntlet and configure preferred difficulty settings. Depending on what the player chooses, they will either progress with the normal training course for a more immersive beginner-friendly experience, or the less extended course to be immediately teleported to the Coromon Lab's bottom floor to choose their first Coromon.

After completing the Prologue

  • The difficulty settings may be readjusted using the computer next to the reception desk.
  • The player may return home at any time by passing through the gate and boarding the train.
  • The player may redeem a Gauntlet Coupon at the reception desk should they obtain one during their adventure.



Area Item Location
Train Station GoldIcon.pngGold x50 Plant in north-west corner
Reception GoldIcon.pngGold x350 Sofa in south-west corner
SCENT APPLY CONDITION HAZY.pngFoggy Scent x1 Cabinet right of receptionist desk