Player's House

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Unofficial name
The article name is not taken from the game and will be replaced when an official name is given.

The Player's House is the starting area of the game. It is where the player lives with their mother and younger brother, Dexter.


Top Floor

The house consists of two floors. The top floor has the player's bedroom which has a mirror that can be interacted with to change their clothing and a computer that lets the player access the Flappy Swurmy minigame. The mother's bedroom is also on this floor and can be accessed, this feature was added on Version 6.0. The bottom floor has a living room where Dexter plays the Swurmy Rush game and a kitchen with an oven.

Bottom Floor

The player can return to their house after completing the Prologue by taking the train in Lux Solis Campus.

Music Theme

This theme plays when the player is inside the 'Player's House'.


Area Item Location
Top Floor GoldIcon.png 500 On the desk next to the player's bed.
Bottom Floor Two random cakes Interacting with the oven every 2000 steps.

Hidden Gems/Items location

Location GEM RED 1.pngItem GoldIcon.png Sell price
Player's House: bottom floor
There are no hidden gems/items in this map. None DRILL SHOVEL SILVER.pngN/A / DRILL SHOVEL GOLD.pngN/A
Player's House: top floor
There are no hidden gems/items in this map. None DRILL SHOVEL SILVER.pngN/A / DRILL SHOVEL GOLD.pngN/A

Types of Cakes

These are the (2) cakes the oven may contain when interacting with it every 2000 steps.

Icon Name Description GoldIcon.png Sell Price
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH 1.png HP Cake (S) Restore 20 HP. 150
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH 3.png HP Cake (L) Restore 200 HP. 600
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH 4.png HP Cake (XL) Restore all HP. 1250
CAKE RECOVER ENERGY 2.png SP Cake (M) Restore 25 SP. 125
CAKE RECOVER ENERGY 3.png SP Cake (L) Restore 35 SP. 200
CAKE RECOVER ENERGY 4.png SP Cake (XL) Restore all SP. 400
CAKE APPLY STATBOOST SPEED 2.png Pine Cake (L) Increase Speed 2 Stages for one battle. 375
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH AND ENERGY 3.png Combi Cake (L) Restore 150 HP and 25 SP. 1000
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH AND ENERGY 4.png Combi Cake (XL) Restore all HP and SP. 2000
CAKE APPLY STATBOOST DEFENSE 1.png Coco Cake (S) Increase Defense 1 stage for one battle. 225
CAKE CURE CONDITION FREEZE.png Spicy Cake Thaw out a Coromon, removing freeze. 100
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH AND ENERGY 1.png Combi Cake (S) Restore 15 HP and 15 SP. 300
CAKE CURE CONDITION POISON.png Detox Cake Remove poison from a Coromon. 150
CAKE CURE CONDITION SHOCK.png Ground Cake Cure a Coromon of its shock. 175
CAKE APPLY STATBOOST SPECIALDEFENSE 2.png Straw Cake (L) Increase Special Defense 2 stages for one battle. 600
CAKE APPLY STATBOOST DEFENSE 2.png Coco Cake (L) Increase Defense 2 stages for one battle. 675
CAKE CURE CONDITION BURN.png Iced Cake Cure a Coromon of its burn. 175
CAKE APPLY STATBOOST SPECIALATTACK 2.png Lime Cake (L) Increase Special Attack 2 stages for one battle. 675


HotelMom.png Hotel Mom: get some free cakes.
How to get: Interact with the oven in the kitchen, when the cakes are ready, for the first time.

FlappyMaster.png Flappy Master: get a score of 500 in Flappy Swurmy.
How to get: Play Flappy Swurmy and score a minimum of 500 points.

WheredoILook.png Where do I Look?!: collect the well-hidden sneak outfit.
How to get: Randomise player's appearence 100 times in a row; interact with the mirror in the player's room to change appearence.

PrivacyWhatsThat.png Privacy? What's That?: read your mother's diary.
How to get: Interact with the diary in the player's mother bedroom.