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Poison Type is of the six skill types. It is very effective against Normal Type and is ineffective against Ice Type and Sand Types are immune to Poison status. Skills of this type may inflict poison onto targets.

Coromon with Poison Type Skills

# Name
#10 Swurmy
#11 Beezel
#12 Humbee
#16 Slitherpin
#17 Serpike

Poison Type Skills

Headers are shortened to save space. Legend: Acc. = Accuracy Ctgry. = Category

Name SP Power Acc. Ctgry. Contact Target
ACID BITE.pngAcid Bite 5 60 90 Physical yes Single
ACID RAIN.pngAcid Rain 6 - - Status no Multiple
POISON CHOMP.pngPoison Chomp 6 85 95 Physical yes Single
POISON STING.pngPoison Sting 1 20 100 Physical yes Single
TOXIC CLOUD.pngToxic Cloud 4 - 100 Status no Single
VENOMOUS BEES.pngVenomous Bees 2 30 100 Special no Single