Acid Rain

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Acid Rain is a Poison Type Status Skill.


"Acid rains from the sky lowering the opposing team's Defense by 2 stages."


Coromon Type Level
74 Taddle A.pngTaddle75 Fibio A.pngFibio76 Chonktoad A.pngChonktoad Water.png Water 40
71 Decibite A.pngDecibite72 Centilla A.pngCentilla73 Millidont A.pngMillidont Sand.png Sand 52
54 Skarbone A.pngSkarbone55 Skuldra A.pngSkuldra56 Skelatops A.pngSkelatops Sand.png Sand 38
47 Acie A.pngAcie48 Deecie A.pngDeecie Electric.png Electric 30