Toxic Cloud

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Toxic Cloud is a Poison Type Status Skill.


"Create a cloud of toxic gasses which will poison the target."


Coromon Type Level
74 Taddle A.pngTaddle75 Fibio A.pngFibio76 Chonktoad A.pngChonktoad Water.png Water 22
47 Acie A.pngAcie48 Deecie A.pngDeecie Electric.png Electric 48
103 Otogy A.pngOtogy104 Orotchy A.pngOrotchy Ghost.png Ghost 26
121 Otogy A.pngOtogy122 Orotchy A.pngOrotchy Crimsonite.png Crimsonite 1
89 Squidly A.pngSquidly90 Octotle A.pngOctotle Ghost.png Ghost 27