Inner Peace

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Inner Peace is a Normal Type Status Skill.


"Find inner peace to raise the user's Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense by 1 stage."


Coromon Type Level
44 Bren A.pngBren45 Pyrochick A.pngPyrochick46 Infinix A.pngInfinix Fire.png Fire 59
23 Sanscale A.pngSanscale24 Caradune A.pngCaradune Sand.png Sand 61
1 Cubzero A.pngCubzero2 Aroara A.pngAroara3 Bearealis A.pngBearealis Ice.png Ice 45
96 Flowish A.pngFlowish97 Daricara A.pngDaricara Water.png Water 51
47 Acie A.pngAcie48 Deecie A.pngDeecie Electric.png Electric 3