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Map of Ixqun Ruins
Desolate ruins of a once mighty civilization. Few dare to come here. Those that do, are rarely seen again
~ Area Description

Ixqun Ruins is an area that connects to Submerged Tunnels and the Sun Temple, where Chalchiu, the last Titan, is located.

Music Theme

This theme plays when the player is in the Ixqun Ruins.


Coromon Located Here

Coromon Level Rarity Double Battle Triple Battle
7 Nibblegar A.pngNibblegar Rare
8 Sheartooth A.pngSheartooth Rare
9 Megalobite A.pngMegalobite Rare
12 Humbee A.pngHumbee Common ✔️
15 Golbeak A.pngGolbeak Common
17 Serpike A.pngSerpike Common
30 Fiddly A.pngFiddly Common
31 Ucaclaw A.pngUcaclaw Common
33 Digmow A.pngDigmow Common ✔️
34 Dugterra A.pngDugterra Common ✔️
40 Eclyptor A.pngEclyptor Common
50 Kyraptor A.pngKyraptor Uncommon ✔️
52 Gellish A.pngGellish Common
53 Gelaquad A.pngGelaquad Common
62 Grimmask A.pngGrimmask Uncommon
73 Millidont A.pngMillidont Uncommon
75 Fibio A.pngFibio Uncommon ✔️
76 Chonktoad A.pngChonktoad Uncommon ✔️
96 Flowish A.pngFlowish Uncommon
105 Shimshell A.pngShimshell Uncommon
106 Atlantern A.pngAtlantern Uncommon
107 Ucaclaw A.pngUcaclaw Legendary
109 Lampyre A.pngLampyre Legendary ✔️
110 Lumasect A.pngLumasect Legendary ✔️
111 Centilla A.pngCentilla Legendary ✔️
112 Millidont A.pngMillidont Legendary ✔️
113 Arcta A.pngArcta Legendary ✔️
114 Arcturos A.pngArcturos Legendary ✔️