Illusion Slice

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Illusion Slice is a Cut Type Special Skill.


"The Coromon moves so fast that it seems as if illusions slice the opponent. In normal circumstances this attack will always hit."


Coromon Type Level
38 Lunarpup A.pngLunarpup39 Lunarwulf A.pngLunarwulf40 Eclyptor A.pngEclyptor Ghost.png Ghost 50
32 Moffel A.pngMoffel33 Digmow A.pngDigmow34 Dugterra A.pngDugterra Sand.png Sand 50
68 Patterbit A.pngPatterbit69 Pitterbyte A.pngPitterbyte70 Cyberite A.pngCyberite Normal.png Normal 62