Flying Kick

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Flying Kick is a Normal Type Physical Skill.


"Attack the target with a powerful flying kick, and increases the user's Critical hit chance by 1 stage."


Coromon Type Level
57 Droople A.pngDroople58 Mudma A.pngMudma Ghost.png Ghost 30
68 Patterbit A.pngPatterbit69 Pitterbyte A.pngPitterbyte70 Cyberite A.pngCyberite Normal.png Normal 42
103 Otogy A.pngOtogy104 Orotchy A.pngOrotchy Ghost.png Ghost 57
74 Taddle A.pngTaddle75 Fibio A.pngFibio76 Chonktoad A.pngChonktoad Water.png Water 45