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Crunch is a Foul Type Physical Skill.


"Crush the target with powerful jaws. Has a 25% chance to make the target bleed."


Coromon Type Level
23 Sanscale A.pngSanscale24 Caradune A.pngCaradune Sand.png Sand 39
63 Squidma A.pngSquidma64 Magmilus A.pngMagmilus Fire.png Fire 35
18 Houndos A.pngHoundos19 Hountrion A.pngHountrion Electric.png Electric 37
7 Nibblegar A.pngNibblegar8 Sheartooth A.pngSheartooth9 Megalobite A.pngMegalobite Water.png Water 32
38 Lunarpup A.pngLunarpup39 Lunarwulf A.pngLunarwulf40 Eclyptor A.pngEclyptor Ghost.png Ghost 27