Bubble Blower

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Bubble Blower is a Water Type Special Skill.


"Damage the target with a barrage of bubbles. Has a 30% chance to lower target's Speed."


Coromon Type Level
7 Nibblegar A.pngNibblegar8 Sheartooth A.pngSheartooth9 Megalobite A.pngMegalobite Water.png Water 43
30 Fiddly A.pngFiddly31 Ucaclaw A.pngUcaclaw Water.png Water 45
00 titanWater Chalchiu.pngChalchiu Crimsonite.png Crimsonite 3
111 Fiddly A.pngFiddly112 Ucaclaw A.pngUcaclaw Crimsonite.png Crimsonite 45