Stealth Outfit

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The Stealth Outfit is a hidden outfit that can be obtained at any time. While wearing the outfit, an overworld effect called Stealth is activated, which lowers the chances of encountering wild Coromon.


If the player is in the avatar customization menu at the start of the game, they can randomize their appearance by selecting the button in the upper-right corner of the menu. Doing so a total of 100 consecutive times will unlock the outfit. This can also be accomplished when changing clothing in the player's room via their dresser at any point in the game.

Message upon obtaining the Stealth Outfit


WheredoILook.png Where do I Look?!: Collect the well-hidden Sneak Outfit.
How to get: Randomise player's appearence 100 times in a row; interact with the mirror in the player's room to change appearence.


  • The outfit is likely a reference to Wally ("Waldo" in North America) from the British puzzle book series Where's Wally?.