Multi-Strike Skill

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Double Sting, a multi-strike skill

Multi-Strike Skills are skills that hit successively in one turn. Most Multi-Strike Skills hit 1-3 times and generally have lower power compared to other skills to compensate for this.

List of Multi-Strike Skills

Headers are shortened to save space. Legend: Acc. = Accuracy Ctgry. = Category

Name Type SP Power Acc. Ctgry.

Target Strikes
BEAT UP.pngBeat Up Normal Type 4 20 100 Physical

Single 1
DOUBLE STING.pngDouble Sting Normal Type 4 30 95 Physical

Single 2
ELECTRIC POUND.pngElectric Pound Electric Type 3 20 90 Physical

Single 1-3
TAIL SPIN.pngTail Spin Normal Type 3 25 90 Physical

Single 1-3
FURY PINCER.pngFury Pincer Water Type 3 25 100 Physical

Single 1-3