Witch's House

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The player standing next to The Witch's House.
Resembles a squid... Looks like a skull... That one is mid, others are null... Squidly and its spawn! In this kettle, a mixture for the better.
Our bodies shiver, our teeth doth clatter! Foul evolution! Sacred or profane? Ha! Why, who can tell in this nightmarish game?
~ Sabrina, The Witch


The Witch's house is where you are able to evolve Squidly into Octotle before the regular requirement of evolving to level 37. You can find a Golden chest with the Witch's Hat cosmetic item, and Fungus x10. There is also a normal chest containing Skill Flash 5 and 2 Growing Pots.


The Witch's House is located in Pawbury, and can only be accessed after acquiring the Burn Module. Using the burn module directly below the tree above the Witch house and then walking down into the house will allow you to enter.

The highlighted square seen here is where the player will need to burn an obscured hedge and then walk downwards to enter the house.


The witch is named Sabrina, likely in reference to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a popular television show from 1996.