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Whoosh is an Air Type Special Skill. Its power is equal to the user's speed minus the target's speed, the final power of the move has a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 130.


"The user launches a speedy whoosh of wind. The power increases with the Speed of the user and decreases with the Speed of the target."


Coromon Type Level
108 Lumon A.pngLumon109 Lampyre A.pngLampyre110 Lumasect A.pngLumasect Dark Magic.png Dark Magic 23
13 Silquill A.pngSilquill14 Gildwing A.pngGildwing15 Golbeak A.pngGolbeak Normal.png Normal 53
65 Lumon A.pngLumon66 Lampyre A.pngLampyre67 Lumasect A.pngLumasect Electric.png Electric 23