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Voltgar is the Electric Titan that is encountered on the seventh floor of the Power Tower. It is known as the Bender of Storms.


Voltgar appears as a collection of 5 parts held up in the shape of a bipedal with a center piece, 2 arms and 2 legs held together by electricity. The arms and chest hover over the ground. It speaks directly to the player in a strong tone, referring to them as "human".

When the player character meets Voltgar, it asks them what business they have entering its domain. Despite the player explaining their good intentions, Voltgar battles them. After Voltgar is defeated it becomes willing to listen to the player, who promptly extracts some Electric Essence from it. Despite thinking the player cannot comprehend the power of the essence, it accepts this and disappears in a flash of light.


"A manifestation of pure electricity."


Base Stats
Total: 2240 Lvl 1 Lvl 50 Lvl 99 Growth
HP: 1500
26 817 1609 16.15
Speed: 60
5 35 65 0.61
Attack: 140
6 75 145 1.42
Defense: 120
6 65 125 1.21
Sp. Atk: 140
6 75 145 1.42
Sp. Def: 120
6 65 125 1.21
SP: 160
21 100 180 1.62
Values for bars are calculated from base stats, in-game bar values are indicative of the Coromon's last evolution if applicable. Observed values have no Potential influence.


Name Description Odds
Pure Essence Fills the air with static particles curing the Voltgar's ailments and permanently increases SP cost for the Player's Squad by 2 when HP falls below 50% 100%


Level Skill Type SP Power Accuracy Category Contact
1 Super Punch Electric 8 160 100 Physical yes
2 Taser Electric 3 - 100 Status no
3 Surge Punch Electric 4 65 - Special yes
4 Spark Disc Electric 9 50 100 Special no
5 Spark Wall Electric 4 - - Status no
6 Lightning Strike Electric 5 65 95 Special no
7 Electrify Electric 0 - - Status no

Bold: this move does 25% more damage due to Type Proficiency.



Beta Cubzero.png Beta content
The following section displays content that has been altered or removed from the game.

Version used before demo build v0.5.0


In its Overworld form, Voltgar's sprite (colours and form) matches the Beta version one instead of its "final", definitive, sprite/form.