Vlamma Heights

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Vlamma Heights is a small section of map that connects Vlamma and Fresia Pass. It is considered part of Vlamma by the world map.


Vlamma Heights is a small area similar to a route. It has two grass patches, and several hidden items.

The western exit leads to Vlamma, while the cable car building nearby will automatically teleport the player to the corresponding cable car building in Fresia Pass.

Coromon Located Here

Table TBA

  • Kyreptil lv 34-37
  • Kyraptor lv 37-40
  • Ruptius lv 34-37
  • Blazitaur lv 34-37
  • Gildwing lv 34-37
  • Acie lv 30-34
  • Pyrochick lv 29-31