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This template generates the structure and data for a page on a Skill. It automatically generates the infobox, intro, description, and learnset sections of the page.


Parameter Status Description Example Specification
1 optional Name of the Skill as it is in the database. Defaults to Base Page Name.
intro optional The intro paragraph near the top of the page.
{{TraitPage|Antidote|intro='''Antidote''' is an Active [[Trait]] that cures a squad member from [[Poison]].}}

Example Usage

This is the standard way of how this template should be used. To maintain consistency and quality across the wiki. Please follow the format below.

'''Menacing''' is a [[Trait]] that lowers the opponent's Attack by one stage upon the Coromon entering battle. If a Coromon with this trait is squad leader outside of battle, it lowers the chance of encountering wild Coromon a lower level than it.