Seismic Wave

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Seismic Wave is a Sand Type Physical Skill.


"The user causes seismic waves, dealing damage to the opposing team with power that varies widely each use."


Coromon Type Level
23 Sanscale A.pngSanscale24 Caradune A.pngCaradune Sand.png Sand 34
00 titanSand Sart.pngSart Sand.png Sand 6
116 Decibite A.pngDecibite117 Centilla A.pngCentilla118 Millidont A.pngMillidont Crimsonite.png Crimsonite 29
71 Decibite A.pngDecibite72 Centilla A.pngCentilla73 Millidont A.pngMillidont Sand.png Sand 29
32 Moffel A.pngMoffel33 Digmow A.pngDigmow34 Dugterra A.pngDugterra Sand.png Sand 38
4 Toruga A.pngToruga5 Embaval A.pngEmbaval6 Volcadon A.pngVolcadon Fire.png Fire 31