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Resetination is a process by which you can reset and redistribute the stats gained from awakening Potential in your Coromon. This process is achieved by either one of a pair of machines found on the top floor of Pawbury's Trainer Hub. These are known as the Soft Resetinator and the Hard Resetinator.

Soft Resetination

The green machine on the left is the Soft Resetinator. For GoldIcon.png 3500, the Soft Resetinator will redistribute the stats that your Coromon gained from awakened potential since it was caught. This process takes 1000 steps in the overworld to complete, and is recommended for early game Coromon and for those who don't want to spend so much on stat redistribution.

Hard Resetination

The pink machine on the right is the Hard Resetinator. For GoldIcon.png 6000, the Hard Resetinator will redistribute ALL of the stats that your Coromon gained from awakened potential, including stat gains from before it was captured. This process is immediate, and is recommended for building your ideal Coromon lineup.