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The game currently contains 52 songs in its soundtrack, all of which are composed by Davi Vasc. The Coromon Original Soundtrack is available for download as paid downloadable content on the game's Steam store page, as well as Vasc's Bandcamp page.[1]


The game's soundtrack is as listed below along with tracks available for listening. It is also officially available as a YouTube playlist.

# Name Location/Origin Playback Description
1 Together and Onward Title Screen A joyful track starring the game's main melody heard throughout the game's music.
2 Wondrous Velua E3 Trailer A special song composed specifically for the game's E3 Trailer in 2021.
3 Sleepy at Home Player's House
Houses in Alavi
A comforting and upbeat song which lets one know they are within safety or in a good bed waking up for the day.
4 The Sun Shines and the Future is Bright at Lux Solis Campus Lux Solis Campus A calming tune that welcomes one's arrival at any time in the first town.
5 A Clumsy Experiment Coromon Lab
R&D Lab
A plucky-sounding track heard throughout many of Lux Solis's research facilities.
6 Call to Adventure - Radiant Park Radiant Park A gentle yet encouraging track to kick off the start of a big adventure, utilizing the game's melody in its opening.
7 Friend or Foe Battle A thrilling track heard when encountering a wild Coromon in the grass.
8 Together and Onward, to Victory! Battle A relieving march which plays during the brief respite after winning a battle.
9 Farming Town of Hayville Hayville A peaceful country town theme for the Amish town of Hayville.
10 Ready, Set, Swurmy Rush! Swurmy Rush
Swurmy Jump
An encouraging tune heard while playing Swurmy Rush/Swurmy Jump.
11 Our Journey So Far - Trainer Hub Trainer Hub A relaxing tune heard within any Trainer Hub throughout Velua.
12 Breeze Sweeping the Trees - Woodlow Forest Woodlow Forest A pleasant song that plays while venturing through the most forested area of Velua.
13 Island of Perpetual Rain, Donar Donar Island A smooth groove heard when visiting Donar Island.
14 snainobbuW Event An estranged theme dedicated to the villainous alien lifeforms known as the Wubbonians.
15 Battle for Blackened Hearts Battle A dramatic battle theme for confronting the mysteriously plagued Dark Magic Coromon.
16 Miracle of Change Evolution A jingle that plays when a Coromon evolves.
17 Electrifying Darkness - Thunderous Cave Thunderous Cave A mystery-inducing track which plays within the game's first dungeon.
18 The Power Tower of Voltgar Power Tower An explorative song for those climbing the elaborate tower of the electric Titan.
19 Battle with a Researcher, In the Name of Science! Battle A specialized battle theme for battles with Lux Solis Researchers.
20 Premonition of Calamity Event A tense track that plays during Titan encounters or otherwise looming threats.
21 Battle Against a Titan Battle A mighty battle theme which plays upon taking on a Titan's challenge.
22 Murky Waters of Soggy Swamp Soggy Swamp A brooding song for a mushroom-filled bog full of twists and turns.
23 Eerie Town of Pawbury Pawbury A ghostly theme for Velua's grim retirement home full of Purrgy and gravestones.
24 Furclaw Concerto Furclaw Manor A regal-sounding song which plays upon entering the largest residence within Pawbury.
25 Ode to Illuginn Monastery of Illuginn A hallowing ode to the Ghost Titan, Illuginn as one steps into his great hall.
26 Resting Souls Haunted Halls A grim and eerie theme which plays throughout the depths of a church.
27 Inbetween Realm Inbetween Realm An unsettling dirge heard when entering the realm where restless souls remain in purgatory.
28 The Mescher Realm of Illuginn Mescher Realm Another eerie dirge for traversing throughout the Mescher Realm in search of souls.
29 Eyes Locked with a Rival Overworld An energetic tune for a surprise encounter with someone who wishes to battle.
30 Challenge of a Rival Battle An intense battle theme which plays during a Trainer battle.
31 Together and Onward, Once Again Battle A lighthearted melody for when the player is defeated in battle.
32 Windswept Sands of Wostin Desert Wostin Desert An upbeat acoustic track fit for anyone trekking through the sizzling sands of the desert.
33 Darudic, Town of Sandstorms Darudic A cheerful track with traditional Indian string instrumentation welcoming travelers into the sandy society of Darudic.
34 Warm Welcome Various Houses A playful tune for miscellaneous residences throughout Velua.
35 Lurking in the Grand Palace Grand Palace A sneaky theme for a much-needed undercover mission in Darudic's palace.
36 The Pyramid of Sart Pyramid of Sart An ominous track heard as the player navigates through various traps and puzzles within a pyramid.
37 Respite in the Oasis - Vermeer Grotto Vermeer Grotto A soothing harp melody that plays as one traverses the grotto.
38 Jump from the Shadows Battle An alternate battle theme which plays upon encountering a Coromon in a cavern or dungeon.
39 A New Friend Joins in Battle A more triumphant variation of the victory theme for when the player has captured a Coromon.
40 Vlamma, Town of Fire and Steel Vlamma A welcoming tune which plays in the volcano town of Vlamma.
41 Dojo Grounds Dojo Grounds
Vlamma Heights
A curious song heard as the trainer makes their way throughout the connecting routes of Vlamma.
42 Way of the Warrior - Dojo Dojo A traditional East Asian-like track which is heard upon setting foot into Light Sensei's Dojo.
43 Mount Muspel of Hozai Mount Muspel An adventurous song heard throughout the depths of the volcanic mines.
44 Snowboard Mountain - Fresia Pass Fresia Pass
A courageous song which plays while venturing through the treacherous paths up north.
45 Snow-White Town - Alavi Alavi A joyful and comforting tune inviting one to the snow-covered town of Alavi.
46 Shop Shop A cheerful theme heard throughout every shopping center in Velua.
47 Echoing Crystals Frozen Cavern A serious track that plays as the player climbs the first four floors of Frozen Cavern.
48 The Frozen Cavern of Vørst Frozen Cavern
An epic yet somber piano theme that plays upon a grief-stricken turn of events.
49 Ixqun, Where Water Flows Submerged Tunnels A calm tune heard throughout the passage towards Ixqun.
50 Gentle Waves Sun Temple A harp melody that plays in the empty halls of the Sun Temple.
51 The Sun Temple of Chalchiu Ixqun A mighty and momentous song heard upon entering the ruins of Ixqun.
52 Together We Stood, Onwards We Went End Credits[2] The credits theme for the game's ending.

Other Songs

Below are a listing of songs separate from the soundtrack for the following reasons:

  • The song is currently unused in the game, but found within the game's files.
  • The song was used during the game's development in early builds.
Name Origin Playback Description
wubbonianHQ.wav Unknown Found within the game's files, this track currently remains unused. As the filename implies, the song may be intended to play within the headquarters of the Wubbonians.


  1. Davi Vasc has given explicit permission to use this music on the wiki. Consider purchasing the soundtrack along with the game!
  2. As of app version 1.0.20, a credits roll has been added to the game.