Monastery of Illuginn

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Main altar in the Monastery of Illuginn

The Monastery of Illuginn is an area located in Pawbury. The Haunted Halls are located within it, which leads to the Mescher Realm and the encounter with the second Titan, Illuginn.


The Monastery of Illuginn is a monastery that is devoted to the titan Illuginn. The main room resembles a church hall, and it connects via two staircases to a basement room. The basement room is a long hallway, with a door at the end which leads into the Haunted Halls.

The Haunted Halls has several trainers, wild Coromon, and jumping puzzles. The puzzles consist of pillars with a spring device that will launch you in the direction you move. The pillars will crumble after a short time of standing on one, and in several areas the player will need to figure out the path to the exit while jumping from pillar to pillar.

Hidden Gems/Items location

Location GEM RED 1.pngItem GoldIcon.png Sell price
Monastery of Illuginn
MonasteryIlluginn gem1.png GEM GREEN 2.pngGreen Gem (m) DRILL SHOVEL SILVER.png1200 / DRILL SHOVEL GOLD.png900
MonasteryIlluginn gem2.png GEM RED 1.pngRed Gem (s) DRILL SHOVEL SILVER.png320 / DRILL SHOVEL GOLD.png240
Monastery of Illuginn BF1
MonasteryIlluginnBF1 gem1.png GEM BLUE 1.pngBlue Gem (s) DRILL SHOVEL SILVER.png160 / DRILL SHOVEL GOLD.png120
MonasteryIlluginnBF1 gem2.png GEM BLUE 1.pngBlue Gem (s) DRILL SHOVEL SILVER.png160 / DRILL SHOVEL GOLD.png120