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The Lazy Gem is a held item that grants the Coromon holding it 20% of the XP gained by the active Coromon in battle, when not participating in one. It sells for 10 GoldIcon.png Gold.


The XP received by the holder Coromon is 20% of the XP received by the participating Coromon, rounded down. If the Coromon holding this item enters battle, the effect is completely nullified. In the event two Coromon besides the holder participate in the battle, the holder only gets 20% XP of one of the Coromon which is already halved. Hence when Lazy Gem is held by a Squad member, it is recommended to battle with only one Coromon to increase XP gain. XP multipliers such as the Ber Fruit do not boost the output of Lazy Gem.

Sample Calculations

Case Regular XP Result
Defeated one Coromon using one Coromon. 150 Participant: 150 XP, holder: 30 XP
Defeated one Coromon using one Coromon that ate a Ber Fruit. 127 Participant: 254 XP (127 doubled), holder: 25 XP (127/5=25.4, rounded down)
Defeated one Coromon using two Coromon, switched out mid-battle. 240 Participants: 120 XP each, holder: 24 XP (120/5)
Defeated one Coromon using two Coromon, switched out mid-battle, the first one holding the Lazy Gem. 238 Participants: 119 XP each

How to Obtain

  • Pass the quest "Battle of Wits" by clearing Jebediah's quiz in Hayville's library.
  • Reach milestone 18.
  • Dig for gems with Drill Shovel in front of the Viking cabin at Alavi.


"Earn some XP when the holder did not participate in the battle."