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Oof! A hard slap or a sensory overload can make your Coromon feel hazy. While your Coromon is feeling hazy, it has trouble concentrating.

Its critical hit damage will drop by 25% and all its Skills will require twice as much SP. Thankfully, your Coromon will shake it off after four rounds.

~ Condition Handbook

Haziness is a Status Condition that can be inflicted by certain Skills. When a Coromon is feeling hazy, its Critical Hit damage is reduced by 25% and all skills will require double the amount of SP to use. This condition lasts four rounds.

Items That Cure Haziness

Haziness Inflicting Skills

Name Type SP Power Accuracy Category
Dirty Snow Ice.png Ice 4 30 100 Status
Face Slap Normal.png Normal 6 60 100 Physical
Head Crab Sand.png Sand 6 90 100 Special
Quicksand Sand.png Sand 7 85 100 Special
Shadewalker Ghost.png Ghost 3 40 100 Physical

Haziness Related Traits

Name Description
Stinky The Coromon's stinky scent has a 20% chance to hazy the opponent. Outside of battles it has a chance a repel wild Coromon.