Growing Pots

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A Juba fruit's growth states

Growing Pots are devices where fruits can be cultivated. They are found throughout the towns of Velua. When growing a fruit in one, the fruit must through 4 stages of growth before it becomes available for harvest, with each stage progressing after a number of in-game steps taken by the player.


Location Quantity
Hayville 5
  • Outside the house in the northeast of town
  • Inside house to the north east of town
  • Inside the house to the south of town
Donar Island 3
  • Inside two houses north of the Trainer Hub
  • The 2nd pot in this house is obscured by the lower wall
Soggy Swamp 4
  • 2nd map of Soggy Swamp, inside cabin in the north.
Pawbury 3
  • Directly east of the Trainer Hub
  • Pawbury Manor, in the main hall.
  • In the Witch's House, below sculptor's house. Burn Module required to enter.
Darudic 7
  • Directly below the Trainer Hub
  • In the market, south east
  • Large house in the town's center, in the basement room
  • North east, outside the spa
  • North east, behind the spa
Vlamma 7
  • Outside building, east of the Trainer Hub
  • Inside building east of Trainer Hub, 1F
  • Inside building east of Trainer Hub, 2F
  • In building northwest of Trainer Hub
Dojo Grounds 1
  • In lower right room of Dojo