Frozen Cavern

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A natural cave formation deep within the Batavi Mountains. Local folklore speaks of monsters with big feet that lived here.
~ Area Description

Frozen Cavern is a cave system that connects to Fresia Pass and Frostpeak. It cannot be entered until the story at Alavi is complete.


As the name implies, the Frozen Cavern is a cave system that is frozen, and features multiple sliding puzzles that must be solved to reach items and to move forward.

Music Theme

This theme plays when the player is on Frozen Cavern. (For Mobile Users, click here)

Coromon Located Here

Coromon Level Rarity Area Double Battle
86 Magnamire A.pngMagnamire 47-51 Common F1
43 Krybeest A.pngKrybeest 50-55 Common F1,F2,F3
102 Glamoth A.pngGlamoth 45-51 Rare F1,F2 X
101 Froshell A.pngFroshell 48-50 Rare F1,F4 X
69 Pitterbyte A.pngPitterbyte 50-51 Common F1
81 Blizzian A.pngBlizzian 43-54 Common F1,F2,F3,F4 x
12 Humbee A.pngHumbee 51 Common F2
80 Blizzburd A.pngBlizzburd 40-58 Common F2,F3 x
22 Armadon A.pngArmadon 51-55 Common F3
95 Malavite A.pngMalavite 49 Common F3
106 Atlantern A.pngAtlantern 59 Common F4
3 Bearealis A.pngBearealis 48-58 Rare F4


Area Item Location
F1 GoldIcon.pngGold x6000 First Item Chest
CAKE APPLY STATBOOST SPECIALDEFENSE 1.pngSp. Def. Cake (S) x1 Pillar in middle of area
REVIVE STONE.pngPhoenix Stone x1 Second Chest
SPINNER REGULAR 4.pngPlatinum Spinner x1 Last rock of the area
F2 SCENT REPEL LOWER LEVEL.pngStinky Scent x1 Rock left of Enterence
REVIVE SHARD.pngPhoenix Shard x1 First Chest
SCENT ADD POTENTIAL ROLL.pngPotent Scent x1 Pillar along the east side of the second icy area.
FRUIT XP BOOST.pngBer Fruit x1 Second Chest
F3 CAKE RECOVER HEALTH 3.pngHP Cake (L) x1 First Chest
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH 3.pngHP Cake (L) x2 Skull in the icy spot after getting past the first icy area.
SKILL FLASH.pngSkill Flash 34 x1 Second Chest
SCENT DECREASE HEALTH.pngFear Scent x1 Third Chest
F3A FRUIT CURE CONDITION FREEZE.pngCrany Fruit x1 Only Chest in the area.
SPINNER ELEMENT NORMAL.pngPlain Spinner x1 Hidden in a Rock.
F4 SPINNER ELEMENT ICE.pngIcy Spinner x1 First Chest
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH AND ENERGY 2.pngCombi Cake (M) x2 Second Chest
FRUIT SKILL POWER BOOST GHOST.pngMais Fruit x1 Last pillar in area
F5 FRUIT CLAMP FATAL DAMAGE.pngCado Fruit x1 On a Rock
SKILL FLASH.pngSkill Flash 40 x1 First Chest
REVIVE STONE.pngPhoenix Stone x1 Second Chest
CAKE RECOVER HEALTH AND ENERGY 4.pngCombi Cake (XL) x2 Third Chest
REVIVE STONE.pngPhoenix Stone x1 On a Stalactite