Fresia Pass

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This pass high in the mountains attracts adventurous hikers, but the snow and winds make it a dangerous journey for inexperienced travelers.
~ Area Description

Fresia Pass' is a frosty, mountainous path to the north of Velua. It is expressly stated how dangerous this area is, with a memorial at the beginning of the area in memory of the Battle Researchers who have tried catching Coromon in the area.


Fresia Pass is a icy, cliffside area, covered in trecherous stone stairs and rocky outcroppings. Many Ice Type Coromon live in this area.

Coromon Located Here

Coromon Level Rarity Area Double Battle Triple Battle
1 Cubzero A.pngCubzero TBA Rare X
2 Aroara A.pngAroara TBA Rare X
3 Bearealis A.pngBearealis TBA Rare X
15 Golbeak A.pngGolbeak TBA Common X
16 Slitherpin A.pngSlitherpin TBA Common A
17 Serpike A.pngSerpike TBA Common A
20 Armado A.pngArmado TBA Common A ✔️
22 Armadon A.pngArmadon TBA Common A ✔️
26 Toravolt A.pngToravolt TBA Uncommon X
34 Dugterra A.pngDugterra TBA Common A
41 Kryo A.pngKryo TBA Uncommon A ✔️
43 Krybeest A.pngKrybeest TBA Uncommon A ✔️
59 Arcta A.pngArcta TBA Uncommon A
60 Arcturos A.pngArcturos TBA Uncommon B
73 Millidont A.pngMillidont TBA Uncommon B
80 Blizzburd A.pngBlizzburd TBA Common A

Encounter Rates

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