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Nibblegar evolving into Sheartooth

Evolution is the process that Coromon undergo, in which they indefinitely change their physical form to a higher stage, increasing their stats.


A Coromon evolves when it reached the required level or do a specific condition. Its appearance changes, most often becoming larger in size and grows developing features, such as growing extra arms, horns or wings. When a Coromon evolves, its stats increase suddenly, You may enhance the trait of your Coromon if you decide not to evolve it, You can always change the stage by feeding it Devolve Pill or by evolving it manually. All species of Coromon either have two or three evolutionary stages.


The stats increased differ from other Coromons. By cancelling an evolution the Coromon's stats would not increase, in exchange the trait would enhance, you can do this again (if three evolutionary line) to have ++ trait, Two evolutionary line coromon would instantly get the double enhanced trait. If the Coromon is not at the required level to evolve and is at the higher stage, it would not get any trait enhancement by devolving.


In game, evolution occurs most frequently after acquiring the required level to evolve at the end of a battle. Other conditions for select Coromon are listed below:


UltimateRage.png Ultimate Rage: evolve a Swurmy before level 14.
HotNoodles.png Hot Noodles: evolve a Slitherpin before level 25.
HowlAtTheMoon.png Howl at the Moon: evolve a Lunarwulf before level 39.
SnackTime.png Snack Time: evolve a Purrgy before level 30.
TossASpinnertoYourWitch.png Toss a Spinner to your Witch: evolve a Squidly before level 37.


  • Crimsonite Coromons have the same evolution level as their standard counterpart.
  • Bren doesn't count as a trait enhancement for the Pyrochick line.
  • Of the 6 Coromons that can evolve by different method, Patterbit is the only one without an achievement related.
  • at two evolutionary stages, Arcta has the earliest required level at 24 to evolve, while Ruptius has the longest at 42.
  • The highest level requirement to evolve at the last stage was Cyberite at 60. It was later changed to 50 tying with Purrghast.